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Life After Lockup Season 2: Which couples will be returning?

Life After Lockup opening credit.
Life After Lockup returns this January. Pic credit: WEtv

Season 2 of Life After Lockup is a go. It will return to WEtv on January 3, 2020. That has been the only information given about the new season so far, which has viewers wondering about who is returning and if new faces will be added.

Brittany and Marcelino confirmed they are returning for Season 2 and it will feature her current pregnancy. They are expecting their second child together while raising Gio and Zoila together. Aside from that, there will be more information about what they have been up to since Season 1 of Life After Lockup ended and what is going to happen moving forward.

It looks like Michael and Sarah may be returning for another round of reality television. Remember, viewers last saw them on Life After Lockup and he was still messing with Megan. Sarah had her second daughter, and it looks like Michael and she are no longer together. Getting an update on them and where they stand will be good.

There is speculation that Lacey and Shane from the current Love After Lockup run may be on the show as well. It was leaked over the summer that the two had gotten married and that footage will be a part of the season finale. These two are still together right now, and it is rumored that she is expecting a baby with her new husband. If that is the case, joining Life After Lockup wouldn’t be a huge stretch.

Lizzie and Scott have been over for a while now. They attempted to make things work earlier this year and more secrets and lies were exposed. Lizzie was dating someone new, but that ended already and she appears to be single. It isn’t likely they will be back, but if Lizzie returns, that wouldn’t be too shocking.

Clint and Tracie have been in a tailspin lately. They have been back and forth on social media, with allegations of drug use among them being tossed around. She was arrested alongside him over the summer, but he was released and she remained behind bars for quite some time. Unfortunately, things still haven’t appeared to settle down for this couple. It is unclear if they will return, but if they do, the drama will be heightened.

Life After Lockup returns to WEtv on January 3, 2020.

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