Life After Lockup exclusive: Angela finds out about Tony’s childhood

Angela and Tony on Life After Lockup.
Tony and Angela talk to someone on Life After Lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup fans are invested in Angela and Tony. They debuted in Season 1, though they didn’t receive much airtime until Season 2 rolled around due to his extended incarceration.

They were picked up for the pilot season of Life After Lockup as well, and now, they are back for Season 2.

Things have been up and down with Angela and Tony, all while she remained by his side.

Will Tony stop playing games with Angela on Life After Lockup?

In the exclusive Life After Lockup clip, Angela and Tony are sitting in the pews of a church as they talk to someone who is presumably a pastor. As they talk, it is clear that Tony had some awful things happen in his life.

Tony reveals that his father was abusive. His parents were divorced, and he and his siblings would spend weekends with his father. When they returned to his mother’s house, they would be covered in bruises and welts.

Right then, the pastor likened his treatment of Angela to the abuse Tony suffered at the hands of his father.

Angela reveals that she suspected something had happened to Tony in her Life After Lockup confessional. He had never addressed it with her, but she wasn’t shocked to learn there was trauma dating back to his childhood.

What is next for Angela and Tony on Life After Lockup?

Given that Tony and Angela were talking to a pastor, it is likely the two are planning to get married.

While she still hasn’t forgiven him for the heartache he put her through, last week’s episode of Life After Lockup alluded to them being back together.

The Life After Lockup trailer teased a wedding, which is likely for Tony and Angela. The two reportedly tied the knot in Mississippi months ago, which would coincide with filming for this season of the show.

This couple has remained controversial since the beginning. When Love After Lockup fans saw Angela at the bus station and Tony didn’t show up, it was heartbreaking. The two were missing in the first half of Season 2, which caused a lot of speculation about whether they were together or not.

Now, it looks like Angela and Tony may get their happily ever after, even if there were plenty of ups and downs on their journey.

Life After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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