Leah Messer explains her ‘rocky’ friendship with Teen Mom 2 co-star Kail Lowry, what led to their demise

Teen Mom 2 co-stars and former friends Kail Lowry and Leah Messer
Leah explained what led to the demise of her friendship with Kail. Pic credit: MTV

Leah Messer explained to Teen Mom 2 fans what led to the demise of her and Kail Lowry’s friendship and admitted that she’s “sick and tired” of being involved in her drama.

Leah and Kail are two of the original cast members from Teen Mom 2 and the co-stars formed a close bond over the years.

Teen Mom 2 viewers have watched Kail and Leah vacation together, support each other in their professional ventures, and raise their kids, who also became friends.

Naturally, it was sad to learn that Kail and Leah’s friendship ended. Neither of the ladies has officially given a reason for their falling out until now.

Leah Messer speaks on falling out with Teen Mom 2 co-star Kail Lowry

On Monday, Leah took to her Instagram Stories to explain what happened between herself and Kail that caused them to go their separate ways.

“My friendship with Kail has been rocky,” Leah told her 2.8 million Instagram followers. Next, Leah told her fans that she joined the cast of Teen Mom Family Reunion (TMFR) and went into the experience with an open mind and the support of her friends and family.

leah messer explains her falling out with tm2 co-star kail lowry on IG stories
Pic credit: @leahmesser/Instagram

However, after returning home to West Virginia after filming wrapped, a post that Leah “liked” belonging to Kail’s number-one enemy started the feud, as Kail seemingly took the act as Leah befriending her enemy, Briana DeJesus.

Leah says ‘liking’ Briana DeJesus’ post led to Kail unfriending her

“An unfortunate situation occurred a few weeks after being home when I ‘liked’ an Instagram post of Brianas- referencing self-growth,” Leah said of her castmate and Kail’s nemesis, Briana. What Leah didn’t know, however, is that prior to “liking” Briana’s post, Bri had shipped a treadmill to Kail, which many took as a form of fat-shaming.

“I was unaware at the time that a fat-shaming situation had occurred between Briana and Kail,” Leah told her followers, adding that she doesn’t condone fat-shaming or bullying in any form. After Kail learned of Leah’s actions, she told her Instagram followers that she couldn’t trust anyone and went on an unfollowing spree, including unfriending Leah on social media.

Unfortunately for Leah, she felt as though she was forced to choose sides in the feud between Kail and Briana. But admittedly, she’s grown tired of it all.

“I’m honestly sick and tired of being brought into this drama, having my kindness taken for weakness or being put in a position to where it seems as though I need to choose someone’s side,” Leah wrote.

Aside from the broken friendships and feuds among the cast, Leah cast light on the direction that Teen Mom 2 is headed, and she doesn’t like it. She said that after 12 years of filming, she feels Teen Mom 2 is “taking a twisted turn.”

At the end of the day, Leah just wants peace for everyone: “I’m going to continue to take care of mine and stay out of the way … I also wish everyone of my coworkers the best moving forward.”

The Teen Mom 2 Season 11 reunion airs Tuesday, May 17 at 8/7c on MTV.

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