Lauren Bushnell Lane opens up about cosmetic procedures before and after appearing on The Bachelor

Lauren listening to The Bachlor's Ben Higgins' proposal in the season 20 finale.
Lauren listening to The Bachlor’s Ben Higgins’ proposal in the season 20 finale. Pic credit: ABC

Former Bachelor contestant Lauren Bushnell Lane confirmed on her social media that she has received cosmetic surgery, including lip filler and other procedures.

On her Instagram story, Bushnell got real about how she had Botox done before she went on The Bachelor.

Bushnell starred in the 20th season of The Bachelor, which premiered back in 2016. Now that Lauren is pregnant, she is taking this time to look back at the unfair beauty expectations women are expected to meet.

Bushnell is not afraid to talk about her Botox procedures

Last Thursday, Lauren decided to interact with her followers by doing a little Q&A on her story.

One fan asked what work Bushnell has had done. She admitted, “I’ve done some filler in my lips maybe 4 times and some Botox. I actually tried Botox before the show, when I was 24.”

Pic credit: Instagram / @laurenlane

Although Botox is typically thought to only be for already wrinkled skin, the practice of preventative Botox has become popular in young people who use the injection to stop wrinkles before they happen.

According to, the procedure is completely safe for anyone over the age of 18.

“I haven’t done Botox for about 9 months and lips for, gosh maybe like 2 years?” Lauren reflected.

Some would be shocked that Lauren is being so real about this subject, but Bushnell wants to use her platform to be honest.

“I’ll always be transparent about anything that’s not ‘natural,'” she wrote.

Botox is not the only thing Lauren is willing to talk about

Another fan asked if Lauren has always been so “cute and tiny.”

Pic credit: Instagram / @laurenlane

Bushnell responded: “I’ve always been thin. My family is just small. When I went on the Bachelor I was like 12 pounds lighter then [sic] when filming wrapped. I am not sure why tbh? Stress or maybe all the wine? I also stopped taking a medication right before filming called spironolactone that effects water storage. It perhaps sent my body into wack? But right after the show it went away and I was back to the exact weight I was pre show?”

Lauren emphasized that this is something most women can relate to.

“I’ve def fluctuated like most women but now as a 31 year old my body hasn’t fluctuated a ton in the last 5 years,” Bushnell said.

Lauren on the finale episode of season 20 of the Bachelor.
Lauren on the finale episode of Season 20 of the Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Lauren also expanded on her journey with lip filler.

“And then of course got lip filler which can definitely change your face a lot. In fact, now that my lips are closer to normal and filler is almost gone, I actually like my lips better more natural,” she concluded.

Bachelor Nation’s reaction to Lauren’s pregnancy!

To close out her Q&A, Lauren confirmed that she has never gotten breast enhancements; her breasts are now larger due to the fact that she is pregnant.

Lauren and her husband of two years, country singer Chris Lane, started dating in 2018 and were engaged only a year later. The two have been posting weekly belly bump updates on Instagram.

Chris seems to be absolutely smitten with Lauren; he wrote a song about proposing to her!

Bachelor fans remember when Lauren accepted Ben Higgens’s proposal and the two were expected to live happily ever after. No seriously, they had a spinoff reality show called Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?, but it was canceled after one season when the couple had one of the most heartbreaking Bachelor break-ups.

Ben recently congratulated Lauren on her pregnancy, so any bad blood has been left in the past.

Bushnell’s followers are now just waiting to see Lauren’s first baby photo pop up on their feed!

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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