Big, Big Plans: Chris Lane’s song for Lauren Bushnell [Video]

Chris Lane song for Lauren Bushnell
Chris Lane proposes to Lauren Bushnell. Pic credit: Chris Lane/YouTube

Country music star Chris Lane released a music video for a song titled Big, Big Plans in which he sings about proposing to his girlfriend, Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell, on Sunday.

The video shows the couple at Bushnell’s parents’ home in Oregon on Father’s Day.

Lane tells viewers that he wants to play the song he composed for Lauren and that he wants to capture on camera “the moment of me playing it for her for the first time.”

He asks Bushnell whether she consents to him playing the video to the YouTube audience, and she says yes. It appears she is not aware that the song is a proposal song although some viewers feel she had already guessed.

Lane sings while the video shows a montage of moments of the couple together:

She don’t know I got some big big plans/

She don’t know already bought a ring/

Hid it in the bottom left drawer beside the sink/

Shiny emerald diamond on brand-new band/

Asked her mama for permission and her daddy for her hand

The video then shows the couple together in the backyard of Bushnell’s family house in Oregon. Lane gets on one knee and presents her with a gorgeous engagement ring.

“Baby, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me,” he says. “You’ve unlocked things inside of me that I didn’t even know existed. I have to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Bushnell later took to Instagram to express her joy over her engagement to Lane.

“I feel so incredibly blessed that every misstep, mistake and heartache has led me to you,” she wrote. “I couldn’t be happier to call you mine, forever…  Never going to stop telling you how much I love you.”

Lane also told People magazine that he knew Bushnell wouldn’t want an “elaborate crazy proposal,” so he decided to do a casual one. The singer said he asked her parents where he might take her for the proposal and finally settled for the backyard of her family home in Oregon.

But before he went ahead, he asked Lauren’s father, Dave for permission to do it on Father’s Day.

Chris and Lauren have not yet announced the wedding date, but Chris told People magazine that Lauren would likely do most of the wedding planning while he gets to pick the pastor.

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