Korey and Cashay represent Love Island USA at music festival, Olivia says she wishes she was there

Korey, Olivia and Cashay from Love Island USA
Korey, Olivia, and Cashay from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Once people become reality TV stars, they find new opportunities open for them. The Love Island USA cast has been happily cashing in on their new popularity.

People love their reality stars and two of the most famous from Season 3 of Love Island USA just made a lot of fans happy at a music festival with a special appearance this weekend.

The Love Island USA fan favorites, Korey Gandy and Cashay Proudfoot, just showed up at the Breakaway Music Festival in North Carolina.

Korey and Cashay at Breakaway

It makes sense that if a festival wants Love Island USA cast members to lure in fans, Korey Gandy and Cashay Proudfoot were the perfect choices.

They were the two biggest fan favorites of the season and fans cheered for them up until they finished their time on the show.

Viewers followed Cash as she lost Cinco Holland to Trina Njoroge and then cheered her on when he tried to come back and she sent him home. When Charlie Lynch dumped Cashay, fans turned on him and he ended up as one of the biggest villains on the show.

Korey Gandy was always upbeat and optimistic even as he kept finding women dumping him for other guys. When he and Cashay hooked up so she could save him from elimination, it solidified their fan-favorite status.

Korey ended up hooking up with Olivia Kaiser, and while she was never a fan favorite on the show, the two won the fan votes, with many believing this was votes for Korey.

Korey and Cashay
Pic credit: korey_gandy/Instagram

Korey and Cashay were offered the chance to appear at the Breakaway Music Festival, with a scheduled meet and greet for fans at the VIP entrance on Saturday, October 2.

Korey and Cashay
Pic credit: korey_gandy/Instagram

The two appeared to have a lot of fun at the festival, and Korey shared some photos as they met fans at the event.

Korey and Cashay
Pic credit: korey_gandy/Instagram

Olivia Kaiser not invited to Breakaway

The Breakaway Music Festival invited fan-favorite Cashay Proudfoot and one-half of the winners, Korey Gandy.

However, Gandy’s co-winner from Love Island USA Season 3 was not at the Breakaway Music Festival.

Olivia Kaiser was not in attendance even though she and Korey Gandy are still a couple after leaving the villa.

Korey and Cashay
Pic credit: @oliviaannkaiser/Instagram

Kaiser posted on her Instagram account that she wished she was there.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Fans can relive the third season right now on Paramount+ streaming.

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