Kenzie Petty shares new pregnancy photos, Survivor winner gets called ‘The cutest pregnant lady ever’

Kenzie Petty on Survivor 46.
Survivor 46 was won by Kenzie Petty. Pic credit: CBS

Kenzie Petty is enjoying the warmer weather. Her photographer husband also seems to be enjoying it.

After returning home from winning Survivor 46, Kenzie has been busy in her personal life.

Kenzie got married, got pregnant, and chopped off her hair. Some Survivor fans might not recognize her now.

Will Kenzie be sporting this new look when she appears on Survivor 50? Yes, that’s just conjecture, but host Jeff Probst already announced it will feature returning players.

Before Kenzie tries to become a two-time Survivor winner, she is celebrating reaching the third trimester of her pregnancy.

While posing by the water, Kenzie’s husband photographed her enjoying the sun.

Kenzie Petty marks the third trimester of her pregnancy

“When your husbands love language is taking your picture and you’re a leo sun, moon and Mercury- life is good,” Kenzie stated as she credited her husband for the fun photo.

“Cheers to our third trimester and being in the jungle, but fed. 🌴🦋,” she added as the caption to her photo.

Survivor alums and fans celebrate Kenzie’s post

“The cutest pregnant lady ever,” wrote Tiffany Nicole Ervin from Survivor 46.

Many other kind comments were left for Kenzie.

“We love our Leo mama,” wrote Katy Davis.

“I swear EVERY color looks so good on you ❤️🙌,” posted Lua Stardust.

Kenzie Instagram Survivor
Fans and friends leave Kenzie messages of support. Pic credit: @KenzieTheHappyFairy/Instagram

More news from the Survivor world

The Survivor 47 cast was leaked online. Those players were invited to Fiji and will be featured this fall on CBS.

More information about the Survivor 50 season has also been revealed. It won’t film for a while, but will likely feature many fan-favorite players.

The CBS boss teased that a “year-long” Survivor celebration will happen. It could mean excitement in addition to that new season.

Could we see a Survivor and Big Brother crossover? That would be fun for people who watch both reality competition shows.

As for other reality competition shows, Peacock has begun filming a new season of The Traitors. They invited 21 new people to the Scottish castle to compete.

Here are the cast members for The Traitors 3, including four people from Survivor.

Below is a video that Kenzie also recently shared online. It features many of the pregnancy outfits she has been wearing.

“Another week of *mostly* thrifted fits and we’re not talking about how the last clip was filmed on a potato 😘,” Kenzie wrote.

Previous seasons of Survivor are streaming on Paramount+. That includes the season with Kenzie Petty (Survivor 45).

Survivor is on hiatus at CBS.

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