Kendra Caldwell shares adorable photo of Addison Duggar, says they are so blessed

Kendra Caldwell in Counting On confessional.
Kendra Caldwell says Addison Duggar is a blessing. Pic credit: TLC

Kendra Caldwell just shared the most adorable photo of her and Addison Duggar. The little girl celebrated her five-month milestone and was all smiles for the picture with her mom.

Counting On fans got a rare glimpse of Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell’s little girl on Instagram. The couple has shied away from social media in recent months.

Each time they post a photo, their followers have some harsh things to say.

Addison Duggar is five months old

Last night, Kendra Duggar shared a photo while holding little Addison.

Both mom and daughter were all smiles as they experience life together. Kendra mentioned how blessed they are to have their little girl in their world.

Back in November, Kendra Caldwell was the first of the Duggar daughters-in-law to have their baby girl. Just a few days later, Lauren Swanson had baby Bella.

At the end of the month, Anna Duggar delivered her daughter Maryella.

Pictures of Addison are few and far between.

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar have shared a handful over the month, but most of the time, fans deliver some harsh criticism for what they are doing.

Unfortunately, that is typical when it comes to followers on social media.

What are Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar up to?

Currently, it appears they are remaining close with family in Arkansas. The couple has two children under two.

Kendra Caldwell manages the household while Joseph Duggar works for Jim Bob Duggar at one of the family businesses.

Keeping up with Kendra Caldwell on social media is difficult. Sometimes, she goes nearly a month without a post.

Fans can follow her life with Joseph Duggar chronicled on Counting On, but as far as other platforms go, she is typically more private than some of the other Duggar family members.

Adjusting to married life wasn’t easy for Kendra Caldwell.

She fell pregnant almost immediately after tying the knot and suffered from bad morning sickness. Kendra talked a bit about it on the show, revealing she felt like she was failing as a wife when she couldn’t keep up with daily tasks because she was so ill.

Life has changed a lot over the last five months for Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar with the arrival of their second child.

Addison Duggar was all smiles when she posed for a photo with her mom. Kendra shared the darling shot on Instagram, and Counting On fans relished in her sweet disposition.

Counting On is currently on hiatus but is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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2 years ago

I can’t wait.She’s beautiful and so is the baby.God bless you all be safe?