Kendra Caldwell slammed as video of Garrett playing with Addison sparks concern

Kendra Caldwell in a Counting On confessional
Kendra Caldwell is mommy-shamed on Instagram. Pic credit: TLC

Kendra Caldwell is a fairly new mom and a young one too. Her oldest, Garrett will turn two in June and her little girl was born just this past November.

Either she or her husband, Joseph Duggar, shared a video of her two babies. Garrett is seen playing with his little sister Addison. The Instagram post has led to mommy-shaming from many followers, something that other Duggar women have also experienced.

What sparked the mommy-shaming of Kendra Caldwell?

Many of Kendra Caldwell’s followers were concerned that she was allowing her son Garrett to play with the zipper on Addison’s car seat blanket cover while she was still strapped in.

The two videos shared on Instagram showed that Addison thought her big brother was funny. She gave him the biggest smile as he was playing with her. While it was clear that Kendra Caldwell or Joseph Duggar thought the moments were priceless, they likely didn’t anticipate the backlash they would get.

During the last season of Counting On, Kendra Caldwell talked about what she thought about being a good wife to Joseph Duggar. She revealed that she felt guilty because they fell pregnant pretty quickly and it wasn’t easy for her to keep up with her wifely duties. Now, she has two children under two and is a busy wife and mother.

Kendra Caldwell isn’t the only Duggar woman who is mommy-shamed

If it isn’t Kendra Caldwell being called out for something with her children, it will be another one of the Duggar women. All of them have taken a turn on the mommy-shaming merry-go-round, some more than others.

Jessa Duggar catches a lot of flack for raising her three children. Recently, she was called out for giving her middle child too many gifts. She revealed that the only gift little Henry didn’t have to share was his underwear. There has also been uproar about the photos taken on the couch where she gave birth.

Jill Duggar has also taken a turn getting slammed. She has been mommy-shamed for being on the struggle bus with only two children. Jill was also told to get a job and put the kids in school or daycare if she couldn’t handle them.

Anna Duggar is the one who takes the most. She has been a parent the longest out of the Duggar wives, celebrating her oldest child’s 10th birthday last year. Anna was told to raise her children after she shared a photo of Mackynzie holding little Maryella.

The Duggar women are always scrutinized and Kendra Caldwell is no exception.

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