Kendra Caldwell slammed over Garrett’s untied shoes on playground

Kendra Caldwell during a Counting On confessional.
Kendra Caldwell is slammed on Instagram again. Pic credit: TLC

Kendra Caldwell is under fire for her parenting skills once again.

This time, the Counting On star is hearing about letting Garrett climb on park equipment with his shoes untied.

In the video shared to Instagram, along with several photos of the family at the park, Garrett is climbing on the equipment with his shoelaces dangling.

Counting On fans question Kendra Caldwell’s parenting

This isn’t the first time Kendra Caldwell has been called out for her parenting (or lack of) skills.

She posted a video of Garrett playing with Addison in her car seat while he was zipping and unzipping the cover. Some concerned fans spoke up about her possibly getting hurt.

After the backlash from the car seat video, Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar took a break from social media. It has been almost a month between posts, and again, Counting On followers are dragging the young Duggar wife.

Her last two posts on Instagram have garnered plenty of negative attention, but there were some positive posts.

Kendra Caldwell has fans who support her even if droves of others only commented to make her feel bad about Garrett’s untied shoes.

Comments from Kendra's Instagram post.
Kendra is slammed over Garrett’s shoes. Pic credit: @littleduggarfamily/Instagram

She is one of the younger Duggar wives

On an episode of Counting On last season, Kendra Caldwell revealed that she was nervous about letting Joseph Duggar down as a wife.

The two were married and quickly fell pregnant with Garrett. The pregnancy was tough for her, which she talked about.

There is just a little under 18 months between Garrett and Addison. She was born this past November, and he will turn two in June.

Juggling two little ones under two and trying to keep her marriage healthy is a lot of pressure for a young woman like Kendra Caldwell.

Last August, Kendra Caldwell celebrated her 21st birthday. She is the second youngest wife in the family and is managing two children under two.

There is a lot of pressure within the family to maintain appearances and keep your husband happy. Feeling overwhelmed isn’t uncommon for someone who has all these responsibilities at such a young age.

Unfortunately, if Kendra Caldwell feels as bad as she did the first time she was slammed, there will likely be some time before she posts more photos.

The parenting warriors were out full force this time and came for the Counting On star with a vengeance.

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