Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend Devin Booker calls her ‘the most beautiful woman’ for her birthday

A side-by-side photo of Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker on the red carpet.
Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker first started dating in July 2020. Pic credit: ©, ©ImageCollect/Admedia

Kendall Jenner celebrated her 26th birthday on Wednesday, Nov. 3. 

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star received well-wishes from multiple members of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Additionally, her boyfriend, Devin Booker, highlighted her special day on social media. Although the couple typically keeps a low profile, the Phoenix Suns player wanted to show his affection for his girlfriend in a special way. 

Devin Booker posted two adorable photos of Kendall Jenner for her birthday

Since going public with their relationship in February 2021, Booker and Jenner have kept most of their romance away from the public. However, the couple uses Instagram Stories to share the moments they have together. On Wednesday, Booker utilized the app to share several photos of Jenner on her birthday. 

In the first picture, the couple sat outside near tropical trees. While there, Jenner wore a green, strapless top. The runway star then accessorized the look with silver, dangly earrings and a white headwrap. Booker is next to his girlfriend, wearing a head-to-toe white outfit. As someone takes their photo, the NBA star smiles in Jenner’s direction. 

“Most beautiful woman,” he wrote on the post. 

For the second photo, Booker showed one of the couple’s more casual moments. In the post, he and Jenner wore cozy hoodies as they posed outside. Booker hugged the reality star’s chest as she looked away from the camera. Instead of adding words to their picture, he added a gold lock to the bottom of the page.

A screenshot of Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker smiling.
Pic credit: @dbook/Instagram

Will Kendall Jenner bring Devin Booker to the Kardashians’ new show?

Jenner and Booker’s romance came months before KUWTK aired its final episode in June 2021. During the show’s reunion with Andy Cohen, the model chatted about her relationship. She also shared why her former partners like Ben Simmons and Harry Styles never made it onto KUWTK. In 2019, Jenner gave insight into why she keeps her love life away from the reality show’s cameras. 

A screenshot of Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner hugging outside.
Pic credit: @dbook/Instagram

“A relationship is only meant to be between two people, and the second you make it the world’s business is when it starts messing with the two people mentally,” she told Vogue. “Like once everyone is let in, you’re letting all these opinions into your relationships, and I don’t think that’s fair.”

According to KUWTK’s executive producer, Farnaz Farjam, Jenner also wanted to ensure the men she dated didn’t just want her fame.

He said she “always had this rule — she just felt like she had to be with someone for at least a year before she lets them be a part of the show.”

As the Kar-Jenners prepare for their new show with Hulu, the couple could very well make an appearance. Jenner and Booker celebrated their one-year anniversary in June 2021. 

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