Kate Chastain shades Below Deck replacement Francesca Rubi for disastrous beach picnic

Below Deck alum Kate Chastain speaks out about Francesca Rubi.
Kate was not impressed with Francesca’s actions on the recent episode of Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain shaded her Below Deck replacement, Francesca Rubi for the disastrous beach picnic that went down on the Bravo show.

The picnic was doomed from the beginning thanks to Shane Coopersmith, Izzy Wouters, Elizabeth Frankini, and Francesca taking longer than expected to get the beach set up.

There was also a lack of preparation that became apparent the second the charter guests arrived. Bosun Eddie Lucas ran between the beach and the My Seanna yacht multiple times because they did not have their stuff together.

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Francesca delegated specific tasks to Elizabeth and the new stew, Ashling Lorger to prepare for the picnic. Unfortunately for the interior crew, many items on the must-have beach picnic list fell through the cracks.

The pitchers of spicy margaritas, sunscreen, and shot glasses didn’t make it to the beach. Those items were essential to the guests, so Eddie became an errand boy.

Kate weighs in on the picnic

The ladies of Bravo’s Chat Room, which includes Kate, dished the beach picnic following Below Deck. Porsha Williams, Gizelle Bryant, and Hannah Berner kicked off the show by asking Kate for her two cents on the picnic.

After all, Kate did Francesca’s job for years, so she knows exactly what it entails to pull off the perfect beach excursion.

“The beach picnic was a disaster. I don’t think Elizabeth should be blamed because there wasn’t alcohol and sunscreen. There is one person in charge of it, and she should have made a checklist. Check yourself, Francesca,” Kate declared to her cohosts.

None of the other female cohosts argued with Kate, admitting the responsibility fell on Francesca.


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Porsha and Kate also agreed that Elizabeth was promoted way too quickly. The Below Deck alum questioned why Francesca was giving out promotions to someone she barely knew.

“Watching so is show entertaining, but there is so much I would do differently,” Kate explained.

Fans are split on who’s to blame Francesca or Elizabeth

Kate’s response got Below Deck fans talking. Twitter was buzzing with thoughts on who was at fault for the picnic, Francesca or Elizabeth.

One fan couldn’t believe that Kate would diss Francesca that way, especially when it wasn’t her fault.

Fan takes Francesca side in beach picnic
Pic credit: @astrobele/Twitter

Another user was Team Elizabeth, declaring Kate was right — it is Francesca’s job to make sure things go smoothly.

Below Deck fan sides with Kate on Francesca assessment.
Pic credit: @NicoleMHoberg/Twitter

Former Below Deck chief stew Kate Chastain shared her thoughts on current chief stew Francesca Rubi’s beach picnic execution.

Francesca had big shoes to fill taking over for Kate. So far, the latter hasn’t been impressed, but the season has just begun.

What do you think of Kate throwing shade at Francesca?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Francesca is just too mean, really mean, I think I’m going to stop watching. She makes me ill.