Kate Chastain calls Porsha Williams a ‘very good actress’ amid Simon Guobadia engagement news

Kate Chastain calls out Porsha Williams after Simon Guobadia engagement news broke.
Kate thinks Porsha’s creating a storyline with Simon for more reality TV fame Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain has called Porsha Williams a very good actress amid her engagement news to Simon Guobadia. The Below Deck alum has made accusations about The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, calling her very calculated and more.

Oh yes, it appears Kate has no love for her former Bravo’s Chat Room co-host but that’s not actually the case. Kate’s spilling all of her feelings about Porsha, and it will leave fans scratching their heads.

What did Kate say about Porsha?

The Below Deck beauty recently appeared on What Else is Going On? podcast to dish on her life and all things Bravo. It didn’t take long for the topic of Porsha’s recent engagement to be discussed.

Kate didn’t hold back at all, starting with revealing that she thinks Porsha’s new relationship is all about creating a storyline.

“Having worked with Porsha there is literally no way you can predict her actions, her behavior, or her reasoning on anything based really in normal logic,” Kate shared. “I think she’s playing chess all the time in her mind. She’s a very good actress. She’s very talented.”

Although some may have taken Kate’s words as a diss or slam, Kate, insisted it was a compliment calling Porsha an actress. She went on to explain that she is terrible at being fake nice to people, which all Below Deck fans know.

Porsha, though is so good at being fake nice in Kate’s eyes.

“Porsha’s so talented she could run her car into a school bus of children and somehow spin it that she’s a hero. It’s frightening but impressive,” Kate exclaimed.

Kate talks Porsha’s engagement and future on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Despite Porsha insisting she and Simon have only been dating a month, Kate believes Porsha was hiding something last year regarding Falynn Guobadia and Simon.

No, Kate wasn’t making accusations about the romance, just simply saying something was off with Porsha at that time.

As for Porsha’s future on RHOA, Kate believes Porsha has other irons in the fire that could lead to her departure. Bravo did just announce a three episodes special focusing on Porsha, which was supposed to be about her activism until her engagement news broke.

“I do think she’ll leave. I think this three-part special is probably a test run for a spinoff. They did just take Don’t Be Tardy off the air,” the Below Deck starlet stated.

Kate Chastain had no problem dishing all about her one-time Bravo’s Chat Room co-host Porsha Williams. In true fashion, Kate was no holds bar with her answers.

What are your thoughts on Kate’s words about Porsha?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently on hiatus.

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