Kate Chastain disses Hannah Berner following her Summer House exit news

Below Deck alum Kate Chastain shades Summer House star Hannah Berner.
Kate is spilling the tea on Hannah and the real reason she left Summer House. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum, Kate Chastain has dissed Hannah Berner following her Summer House exit news. It turns out there’s not a whole lot of love between the two former Bravo’s Chat Room stars.

On Friday, Hannah used social media to let fans know she will not be returning to Summer House for Season 6. After three seasons with the Bravo show, Hannah is moving on to bigger and better things personally and professionally.

Hannah announced her engagement to comedian Des Bishop in February after eight months of dating. Along with planning a wedding, Hannah will spend this summer on a tour doing comedy instead of on Summer House.

Kate wasted no time chiming in on Hannah’s Summer House news.

What did Kate say about Hannah leaving Summer House?

Never one to hold back, Kate used Twitter to diss Hannah while commenting on her Summer House exit all at the same time.

“Tell me you’re fired without telling me you’re fired #summerhouse,” Kate tweeted.

Kate shades Hannah Berner
Pic credit: @Kate_Chastain/Twitter

The former Below Deck chief stew is so savage, and fans flooded her tweet with their thoughts on Kate dissing Hannah.

Kate reveals red flag conversation with Hannah about Summer House

When Hannah and Kate started working together on Bravo’s Chat Room, the two had a conversation that raised a red flag for the Below Deck beauty.

Kate recalled the conversation while appearing on What Else Is Going On? With Taria S. Faison.

“I was a little bit worried when she said, ‘Oh my gosh, it was such a hard season. They all hated me,'” Kate recalled Hannah saying after Summer House stopped filming. “I was like, ‘Oh, why what happened?’ She said, ‘Oh, it’s because they’re all just jealous of my success.'”

The conversation immediately raised a red flag with Kate. After six seasons on Below Deck, it was easy for her to tell there was more to the story.

“And when she said that, I remember what street I was driving on,” Kate expressed. “I remember the stop sign I stopped at. I remember exactly where I was when she said that. It was like a little red flag. Oh, honey, if you are telling yourself that, that’s not why they hate you.”

Kate had a red flag go off because she saw the same thing happen when cast members would do multiple seasons of Below Deck or Below Deck Mediterranean. Those who return to the yachting series often feel they are the star of the show.

Now, Kate was not referring to Captain Lee Rosbach but rather crew members who return to the show more than once.

Hannah Berner has exited Summer House, but Kate Chastain has alluded to it not being her choice.

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