Kaitlyn Bristowe enjoys shower show off with the most amazing view

Kaitlyn Bristowe at the People's Choice Awards
Kaitlyn Bristowe shared a video that showed the beautiful view from her outdoor shower on Instagram. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Kaitlyn Bristowe found “heaven on earth” in her latest weekend getaway with fiance Jason Tartick.

The Season 11 Bachelorette and former host shared a series of short video clips on her Instagram story to let her followers in on her current shower experience.

Bristowe showed off her amazing shower view to followers

The first clip showed Bristowe silently basking in the sun while enjoying an outdoor shower – before glancing over at the adjacent hot tub and the incredible view behind it. The clip was accompanied by the song look up by artist Joy Oladokun.

After the simple video of her showering, the Dancing with the Stars winner posted a follow-up clip to her story that showed her special trick for the ultimate shower experience.

“The sun is just shining into the shower, it is so magical, and then we’ve got this little eucalyptus spray and you just give it a few shots up here,” she said as she sprayed the bottle near the showerhead.

“This is heaven on earth,” she said as she panned the camera over to once again show the high-up view that was equipped with green scenery, background mountains, and a blue sky.

Bristowe also revealed at the end of the video that she has a new story to tell during her Off The Vine podcast’s confession segment.

“Also I have a very embarrassing story that I’m sure you can only guess that I’ll tell on my podcast as a confession,” she laughed.

Bristowe’s quick weekend getaway with Jason Tartick

With Bristowe and her fiance Jason Tartick often sharing their jam-packed schedules with followers, including Bristowe’s recent time on the national Dancing with the Stars Tour, the two decided to take a trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee this past weekend.

The relaxing getaway was especially meaningful for the couple, as the two were able to celebrate their one-year engagement anniversary. On May 10th of last year, Tartick successfully surprised Bristowe by popping the question while on her podcast.

Bristowe posted a photo of them together to let her followers in on their weekend plans – “A weekend getaway to Chattanooga,” she wrote – cocktail in hand.

Tartick also posted a photo of him and Bristowe at Bolt Farm to let his followers in on their romantic weekend trip. “Had such an unreal escape from the grid & life this weekend, an escape everyone should sign up for, I’ll share more shortly…” he wrote.

Kaitlyn and Jason on their weekend getaway
Pic credit: @jason_tartick/Instagram

Although Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick may not have met during their time on the show, the two still manage to carry on “Bachelor style” dates and escape reality for a bit – especially in a place with such an amazing view from the shower.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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