Josh Duggar moved to federal prison: Where will he be housed?

Josh and Anna Duggar selfie.
Josh Duggar was moved to a federal prison. Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Josh Duggar was moved out of the Washington County jail, where he’s been housed since his conviction of possession and receipt of child pornography in December 2021.

The former reality TV star was sentenced on May 25, receiving 12.5 years in federal prison.

Nearly a month after sentencing, Josh was moved out of the county jail and transferred to another facility.

Where is Josh Duggar headed?

According to KNWA Fox 24, Josh Duggar was moved out of the Washington County jail and is en route to begin serving his 151-month sentence. He was removed from the inmate roster, but a destination wasn’t announced.

Josh was moved in the early morning hours of June 24, and where he will land remains unclear.

There is speculation that Texas will house the former reality TV personality, but that has yet to be confirmed. Two options were discussed at sentencing. One was a federal prison in Texarkana, and the other was a federal prison in Seagoville. His defense team asked for the latter destination, but it all hinges on whether there is space at the facility.

After completing his sentence, Josh Duggar will have several steps to take. His stipulations include being on probation for 20 years, registering as a sex offender, and his defense team objected to a few during the hearing.

Anna Duggar will remain by her husband’s side

Since the beginning, Anna Duggar has stood by her husband. She was there when he turned himself in at the Washington County jail in April 2021.

From there, she spent all the time she could with Josh while he was on bail and living with LaCount and Maria Reber. Anna has remained silent about the charges against her husband, his conviction, and his sentencing.

Anna did update her Instagram Story as she celebrated turning 34 earlier this week. She was “Road-trippin” to see her best friend and listening to Christian music while doing so. It’s unclear whether she was talking about Josh Duggar, but it’s possible, especially since he was transferred around the same time.

Several family members have spoken out about the situation and revealed their support for Anna and her children. Jeremy Vuolo waited almost a month before he spoke out about it. His video was on behalf of himself and his wife, Jinger Duggar. He called his brother-in-law a “hypocrite” and called him out.

While it’s unknown where Josh Duggar will serve his sentence right now, his location will likely be made public in the coming days.

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1 year ago

I worry about the message Anna is, and will be, sending to her children. As they grow older might they question why she supported a pedophile?

1 year ago

The only justice here would be to hang his No good sorry ass high in a tree

1 year ago

They should just send him to Pelican Bay….they’ll absolutely love him there. But how can his wife stand behind him after what he has done. But I guess she thinks the lord has forgiven him. Sorry lady but when he dies, he will NOT be at the pearly gates…..he has a one way first class ticket to the bowels of hell…..with what he’s done, even Satan may not want anything to do with him

1 year ago