Joseph Abdin from Big Brother looks ripped while posing at the gym

big brother 24 star joseph abdin
Big Brother 24’s Joseph Abdin dates Taylor Hale in the real world. Pic credit: CBS

Joseph Abdin is a long way from the Big Brother house.

In a new image shared online, he can be seen posing for a selfie at the gym.

It appears to be a post-workout selfie, with Joseph looking ripped.

The intense workouts he has been going through are paying off with some big dividends.

With Joseph’s success in the weight room, some Big Brother fans might not even recognize him.

As a quick reminder, Joseph was a part of the BB24 cast. They played the game last summer on CBS.

After the show ended, Joseph began dating Taylor Hale. She was named the Big Brother 24 winner over Monte Taylor.

Joseph Abdin looks great in a gym selfie

Below is the new photo that Joseph just uploaded.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop,” reads the simple caption to go with it.

While Joseph is humble by suggesting things are going slowly, the results speak for themselves.

Last week, Joseph shared a different image from the gym that shows him from the other side.

“Keep moving,” is what he wrote, along with a hashtag to say “Happy Monday” to everyone.

Big Brother showmance: Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale

While they were not a couple inside the Big Brother house, Joseph and Taylor are having a lot of fun dating outside the BB house.

Below is a fun unboxing video that the BB24 showmance participated in this winter. In it, they provide a nice flashback for fans who saw them competing on Big Brother 24.

More news from Big Brother

In other relationship news from Big Brother, winners Nicole Franzel and Jordan Lloyd celebrated big days in their lives.

The ladies are still going strong in relationships with men from Big Brother, showing it can be done on reality television.

Maybe Joseph and Taylor will head down that road sometime in the future.

Elsewhere, Jackson Michie from BB21 is engaged. The former winner is ready to settle down and has taken a big step in his new relationship.

For fans who want to watch Joseph Abdin playing the game, all episodes from Big Brother 24 are available for streaming on Paramount+. Joseph may also be on a new season of The Challenge USA soon.

As for his significant other, Taylor won’t be joining Survivor and also spoke about why she will take her time figuring out her next television appearance.

Big Brother 25 airs in the summer of 2023 on CBS.

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