John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett show off ‘beautiful’ Gracie

John-David and Abbie Grace in a TLCMe video.
Gracie Duggar gets a lot of attention. Pic credit: TLC

John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett welcomed Grace Duggar in January 2020. Since then, she has been capturing the hearts of followers. 

Each time they share a photo of the baby girl, fans and followers gush over how cute she is. Gracie is easily the most talked-about Duggar grandchild, and she is just 18 months old. 

From strawberry picking to spending time on the lake, John-David and Abbie Grace’s little girl is often highlighted on their Instagram page. 

Gracie Duggar is ‘beautiful’

As followers and fans gush over Grace Duggar, several words frequently pop up when the Counting On couple shares photos. 

Beautiful and pretty are two of the most common, and that trend continued with the latest photos they shared on their Instagram page. 

She just celebrated her 18-month milestone, and with that came more pictures. Abbie Grace Burnett captioned the post, “Happy 18 months little girl! [heart emoji]”

One comment said, “She is the most beautiful little girl I have seen!!!”

And another follower wrote, “I am convinced that this is the prettiest baby I’ve ever seen!”

Comments on Abbie's post.
Pic credit: @johnandabbie/Instagram

John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace’s little girl gets a lot of attention. She appears to be a happy baby with a lot of love. 

What’s next for John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett? 

Nearly two weeks ago, it was announced that Counting On was canceled. TLC wanted to give the family the time they needed to handle the situation they are facing. That is Josh Duggar’s arrest and upcoming trial on child pornography charges. 

Without the show, there has been concern about what the Duggar family would be doing. Counting On was bringing in close to $850k a year, and some of the proceeds were reportedly being given to the children who filmed. 

Recently, Abbie has taken to Poshmark to sell some of her clothing and some of Gracie’s items. She has updated her inventory regularly, which likely means she is doing well. 

Abbie has her pilot certificate, so she has been spending time with John-David on the plane. The two have a fondness for all things aviation-related. From their proposal to their wedding reception, planes have been incorporated in every significant moment in their lives, including their gender reveal. 

Even though the future may not be certain, likely, Counting On won’t be the last viewers and followers see of John-David Duggar, Abbie Grace Burnett, and Gracie Duggar.

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