Abbie Grace Burnett gets pilot certificate, joins several Duggar family members who enjoy flying

John-David and Abbie Grace in a Counting On confessional.
John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett both can fly planes now. Pic credit: TLC

Abbie Grace Burnett is breaking barriers that the Duggar family has put up for the females. 

She came in educated and a practicing nurse, and she is still a nurse despite not working right now. 

Now, Abbie can add pilot to her resume. That’s right. She can fly a plane just like her husband, John-David Duggar, and a few of his brothers. 

Pilot license 

The Sun reports that Abbie Grace Burnett earned her student pilot license in August 2020. That was almost a year ago, and she has yet to announce it on social media. 

It was also noted that she is “prohibited” to fly with passengers, which is interesting. 

This certificate makes her one of, if not the most, accomplished woman in the Duggar family. She was already an RN, and now, she can pilot a plane. Abbie defies the perception of what a woman has been painted to be in the Duggar world to followers. 

Planes and flying have been a big theme for the couple. They announced they were expecting while in a plane, their gender reveal had a plane piloted by Jeremiah Duggar in the mix, and their proposal was done in an airplane hangar.

This is life for John-David and Abbie Grace and it will be interesting to see what they might be doing next.

Where do Abbie Grace Burnett and John-David Duggar stand with what’s happening in the Duggar world?

As of writing this, Abbie Grace Burnett and John-David Duggar have not commented about Josh Duggar’s arrest in April or the news about Counting On being canceled

News of the cancellation is recent, so there’s still plenty of time for them to comment. However, it is has been over two months since the arrest. 

There has been speculation that the couple was distancing themselves for a while. They have been spending a lot of time focusing on Gracie Duggar. While they have been part of other sibling gatherings, they didn’t acknowledge Jim Bob Duggar on Father’s Day

It will be interesting to see what happens with this couple moving forward. Their love story was documented for the camera, and the birth of their baby was also a part of the show. Abbie Grace is one of the most modern Duggar women, and with a pilot license under her belt, she is one of the fiercest too. 

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