Jeremiah Duggar talks about work and fun while flying a plane

Jeremiah Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jeremiah Duggar made a rare appearance on Instagram. Pic credit: TLC

Jeremiah Duggar appearing on social media was a change of pace for the usually quiet Duggar son.

It is unusual to see him active or post to his stories with just two photos on his Instagram profile. He did, though. Jeremiah is a pilot and he is mixing some business with pleasure.

With the focus mainly on his sisters or his oldest brother, Josh Duggar, Jeremiah often falls into the background. He has appeared on Counting On, but mostly when he is hanging out with his brothers.

Jeremiah Duggar talks working and fun

Mixing business with pleasure appears to be right up Jeremiah Duggar’s alley.

The Counting On son shared a photo of himself in the pilot’s seat of a plane and said, “It’s great when what you do for work is what you do for fun too.”

Jeremiah Duggar's story.
Pic credit: @jerduggar/Instagram

Being a pilot is something a few of the Duggar boys are interested in, but John-David Duggar and Jeremiah are active. The family has taken on a few set careers, including being a realtor, home renovations, and being a pilot.

Jeremiah Duggar’s private life

Viewers have watched Jeremiah Duggar grow up. He and his twin brother, Jedidiah, were filmed together a lot. Most recently, the two lived together in a house away from the Duggar compound and continued to share a room despite there being an option for their own space.

Earlier this year, Jeremiah’s brother got married to Katelyn Nakatsu. Everything was kept secret, but things began leaking a few weeks before the big day. He stood up for his brother at the time, but the two no longer live together. After Jedidiah lost his political race back in November, the two reportedly moved back home.

It is rumored that Jeremiah is courting Hannah Wissmann, though it has not been confirmed. Followers speculated that it might be done the way Jedidiah did his relationship, where they kept things private until the marriage. The Duggars and the Wissmanns have spent a lot of time together over the last several months, so it is certainly possible.

Catching a glimpse of Jeremiah Duggar on social media is rare these days. He joined a while back but isn’t interested in being active. For now, all we have is two photos on his page and an Instagram story about enjoying being a pilot and working as one too.

Counting On is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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