Jinger Duggar talks about Jana Duggar’s love life in her book, reveals strange requests from men

Jana and Jinger Duggar on Counting On.
Jinger Duggar talks about Jana Duggar’s love life. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar’s love life has been a hot topic of conversation for years among critics and fans alike. 

Her single status has been discussed repeatedly, and it is also touched on in Jinger Duggar’s new book. 

The sisters are close and even spent some one-on-one time in California shortly after Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo moved there. 

What did Jinger Duggar say about Jana Duggar’s life? 

In her book that launched earlier this week, Jinger Duggar talks about Jana Duggar and how her love life has been over the last several years. 

There was a lot of discussion about the men interested in dating the sisters because of their reality TV show. Packages were sent, letters were written, and several other things that were deemed creepy were explained. 

Jinger recounted one moment, saying, “Another guy mailed Jana the strangest packages — a sample-size Yankee candle wrapped in box after box like a Russian doll, for instance.”

For her part, the Counting On star revealed, “Some of them were people we knew from church or the homeschooling community, or they visited our home back in the days when we welcomed fans as visitors.”

Last season on Counting On, Jana Duggar confirmed that she had been approached for courtships, but nothing felt right. She resigned herself to waiting for the one, and so far, that has yet to happen. 

What did Jim Bob Duggar do with the men who inquired about his daughters? 

Describing the role Jim Bob Duggar had in the siblings’ courtships and relationships was dripping with details. Not only did Jeremy Vuolo confirm he had to fill out a 50-page questionnaire for the father of his future bride, but he also talked about the process that happened before his courting Jinger. 

In fact, the couple almost gave up on their relationship at one point. Jinger had decided she was no longer interested in pursuing Jeremy. Jessa Duggar even joked on an Instagram Live while helping the couple promote their book that she thought it would be a “modern-day miracle” if Jinger changed her mind.

Jim Bob Duggar was heavily involved in the courtship process for his daughter. They married in succession, with Jill Duggar kicking things off when she married Derick Dillard. She is the first Duggar daughter to tie the knot, and Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna followed closely behind. 

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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