Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are ‘delighted’ about the arrival of Josh and Anna’s baby Madyson

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are “delighted” about the arrival of Madyson. Pic credit: TLC

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are thrilled that another grandbaby was born into the family last month.

The couple has remained mostly silent since Josh Duggar was arrested in April, only issuing the announcement Jim Bob was running for office in Arkansas in October.

Now that Anna Duggar has shared her seventh child, Madyson Lily, with the world, Jim Bob and Michelle have issued a statement about the arrival.

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What did Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar say about Madyson?

In a statement given exclusively to Us Weekly, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar addressed the birth of Madyson Lily Duggar.

They said, “We are always delighted to welcome another grandchild. They are each a beautiful treasure from the Lord.”

This isn’t shocking, as the Duggars believe that every baby is a blessing. Michelle has been very outspoken about not using birth control and allowing God to choose how many children they should bring into the world. This stance comes following a miscarriage the couple suffered because of birth control Michelle was using. Since then, she has been against using it and taught her children the same.

What do Counting On fans know about Madyson Duggar?

When Anna Duggar announced the birth of her seventh child, she shared a photo of the baby girl. She gave her name, but all of the details were put in her Instagram story.

Madyson was born on October 23, which was a few weeks before the announcement of her birth was made. Counting On followers had believed she had already given birth, and it turns out many of them were correct.

There has been no information given about where Anna gave birth or whether Josh Duggar was allowed to attend the birth. Some speculate she may have had Madyson at the Reber house, which would allow her husband access to watch his daughter come into the world. He is living with Lacount and Maria while he awaits trial.

In less than two weeks, Josh Duggar will face two counts of child pornography at trial. It is set to begin on November 30.

Ahead of Madyson’s birth, Anna and Josh were spotted outside of court, looking happy to be with one another. She has spent a lot of time with him at the Reber house.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are excited about the birth of Madyson, and it looks like they will be seeing a lot of her in the coming weeks.

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ms Johnson
ms Johnson
5 months ago

Everyone should pray for that child of Jim and Michelle Duggar/Anna and Josh Duggar. Thay are all sick in the head and Josh in his other head, too!