Jill Duggar sends birthday wishes for Jana and John-David despite family rift

Jill Duggar
Jill Duggar shared a sweet birthday post for Jana and John-David. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar made sure to wish her twin brother and sister, John-David and Jana, a happy birthday as they celebrate another trip around the sun.

Even though there is tension within the family, it appears as though Jill will rise above to send a happy thought to her siblings.

She has mentioned before that some of her siblings don’t always agree with her, and despite that, she still takes the time to make them feel special.

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While it is unclear where she stands with John-David and Jana, it looks like she still has fond memories of growing up with them. Ironically, she was also one of the first to post about their birthday on social media.

Sending birthday wishes to the Duggar twins

Earlier today on Instagram, Jill Duggar shared a throwback photo of herself alongside her big brother and big sister.

She shared a few memories of what it was like growing up with John-David and Jana Duggar as her older siblings.

Jill said, “We were often asked if we were triplets. And when we told people we weren’t, but that there were twins they always had a hard time guessing who the twins were since I was about the same height or even taller than both of them most of the time.”

She also described the photo, saying, “I laugh a little at this pic because, believe it or not, it displays our personalities at the time pretty well…John and I just chilling and Jana all over the place! [laughing emoji]”


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With John-David and Jana turning 31 today, Jill Duggar and her older siblings are around 16 months apart. She will be celebrating her 30th birthday in May.

Where does Jill Duggar stand with her family?

At this point, the relationship between Jill and her parents and siblings is unknown. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did confirm the rift with their daughter this past fall, revealing they had hoped for healing and reparation between them.

Jessa Duggar has remained in contact with Jill. The two sisters hung out and have been seen together in recent months. That appears to be the extent of her seeing her siblings, though that could be because she chooses that.

Jill did attend a girls’ lunch with her sisters and Michelle Duggar, but things looked a bit uncomfortable.

While Jill did not attend the big Duggar Christmas event, she did end up on Facetime at some point. It was documented by Jessa Duggar as she was filming the event.

Even though things may not be great between Jill Duggar and her family, she took time to let her siblings know she was thinking about them on their birthday.

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2 years ago

It was nice to read that the girls are still in contact as it is hard when parents still try to run married kids life. Parents need to understand that they do the best they can to instill values in their kids and hope it sticks, but when they turn 18 they are adults, they need to back off and love them right where they are and let them live their lives and usually they will emulate their parents to some fashion. I say the kids who just don’t follow all their parents likes and dislikes should just let it be and join in on all the functions as soon the parents will see they did a good job is teaching them.