Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Nikki Hall addresses pregnancy rumors

Nikki Hall on Double Shot at Love.
Nikki Hall sets the record straight after Jersey Shore fans think she looks pregnant. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Pauly “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio has gotten serious with Nikki Hall.

During Season 5, he decided to have Nikki join him as he travels the country for his various DJ gigs.

Pauly has never had someone accompany him while on tour and was excited to see if Nikki could keep up with his busy lifestyle.

He recently referred to Nikki as his “perfect match” and shared that the two of them have had a lot of fun together.

Fans have wondered whether Pauly would pop the question soon as rumors surfaced that wedding bells could potentially be in their future.

In addition to rumors of a possible engagement, some of Nikki’s followers recently started questioning her as they thought she looked to be sporting a baby bump in a recent photo.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Nikki Hall addresses pregnancy rumors

Nikki often shares photos on her Instagram page as she models different outfits with the clothing companies she’s partnered with.

Her followers often comment on how great she looks and are typically very supportive of her.

Recently, however, some fan comments have appeared to rub Nikki the wrong way as they’ve pointed out and commented on how her body looks.

She shared an Instagram story and blasted people who have been telling her that she looked pregnant in a recent photo.

Nikkie shared a photo of herself as she walked in a short, form-fitting dress that hugged her figure.

Nikki went off on the caption of the post and said how she was “trying to understand what OTHER WOMEN get out of asking or commenting under my photos ‘IS THAT A BELLY?'”

She went on to say how “frustrating” and “disturbing” some people have become about focusing on her stomach.

She added, “I’m NOT PREGNANT!”

Nikki then reminded her followers that whether their intentions were good or not, “it’s not okay.”

She ended the post telling people to “just leave my uterus alone.”

Nikki calls out her critics. Pic credit: @nikkisaintclaire/Instagram

The next photo shared an example of the comments she received as a person questioned, “Oh stripes do that? okay.”

Nikki shares a critic’s comment. Pic credit: @nikkisaintclaire/Instagram

It’s clear Nikki has had enough of people picking apart her appearance and is over people thinking that she’s pregnant.

Nikki Hall claps back at haters who don’t think she should be with Pauly D

Nikki’s post addressing critics who continue to ask if she’s pregnant comes following another recent post where she addressed a troll who told her that she didn’t belong with Pauly.

The fan said that they wished he picked an “Italian girl…Literally ANYONE else.”

Nikki claps back at a hater. Pic credit: @nikkisaintclaire/Instagram

Nikki shared the comment on her Instagram stories and then encouraged her followers to show the person some love.

Based on her recent posts, it seems as though Nikki has no shame in calling out her haters.

Regardless of what other people think about her, Pauly has never seemed happier as their love story continues to play out on Season 5 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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1 year ago

She may not be pregnant but she’s always been in it for the clout. She’s in love with fame, not with the man.

Lynn McLeod
Lynn McLeod
1 year ago

What authority do you make that comment?

6 months ago

Wait a minute Niki is a young black woman with a young Italian man and they both look good .Haters will be Haters the more they Hate the more the Love ❤️ U And the more they watch u over and over again go u two enjoy ur life Life is to short