Did Pauly D propose to Nikki Hall? See the photo that has Jersey Shore fans convinced

Pauly D and Nikki Hall on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans think Pauly D proposed to Nikki Hall while on vacation. Pic credit: MTV

The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation recently vacationed in Florida to film together and some fans are convinced that Pauly DelVecchio proposed to his girlfriend Nikki Hall while they were there.

The Jersey Shore stars were rumored to be at the Isla Bella Beach Resort in the Florida Keys this past week and several social media posts from the cast seemed to confirm that as truth.

Not only did fans utilize the resort’s live webcam to see camera crews following the group around but an observant fan also noticed a little something more.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot contributed by an anonymous source of what looked to be a potential proposal on the beach.

The unidentified fan’s parents were staying at the same resort as the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast and they recorded footage of the romantic set-up.

As Pauly and Nikki are the only couple filming with the group who has yet to be married, it’s quite possible that he decided to pop the question while they were away with their costars.

Did Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Pauly D propose to Nikki Hall?

While it’s difficult to see which of the stars is standing in the heart-shaped display, it’s clear that Pauly and Nikki are serious about each other.

After quarantining together throughout the coronavirus lockdown, Nikki appeared alongside Pauly during the last few seasons of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. As one of the cast members who has remained notoriously single, it was a big deal for him to bring Nikki to meet his castmates.

Not only did they quarantine together, but now that Pauly is back to performing his DJ gigs across the country, Nikki has remained by his side.

Pauly continues to hustle in his DJ career and travels multiple days throughout the week making guest appearances at various venues. In Nikki’s Instagram stories she is often sharing footage of Pauly while he’s doing what he loves.

Pauly performs in Madison, Wisconsin.
Pauly performs in Madison, Wisconsin. Pic credit: @nikkisaintclaire/Instagram

The pair even wore a series of matching Halloween costumes to a few of his shows this month.

Her support for her man shows just how committed Nikki is to Pauly, making it all the more believable that he put a ring on it.

Pauly D and Nikki Hall’s relationship history

While Pauly and Nikki are happily together now, it wasn’t always the case.

The pair met while filming Double Shot at Love Season 1 but at the time, Pauly just wasn’t ready to completely settle down.

Nikki reluctantly appeared on Season 2 of Double Shot at Love where she struggled with her interactions with Pauly as she was not happy with the way things went the first time around. Despite that, the two of them eventually rekindled their romance and the rest is history.

While recent posts on Nikki’s Instagram page don’t show her with an engagement ring on her finger, there’s still a strong possibility that they are hiding the news until the new season airs.

At this time, an official air date for the new season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation has yet to be announced.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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