Jenelle Evans says David is ‘the best father he could ever be,’ after he threatened to smack their daughter

Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2
Jenelle Evans praises David Eason’s parenting skills a day after he threatened to smack their daughter in the mouth. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans is coming to her husband, David Eason’s defense once again, this time after he threatened to smack their four-year-old daughter in the mouth.

Jenelle shared a series of pictures and videos, praising David Eason and calling their daughter, Ensley, a “Daddy’s girl.”

In the first two pictures, Ensley sat with her dad, David, on the beach while building sandcastles. The subsequent videos show Ensley and David playing in the sand and tailgating on the beach with their dog and Jenelle’s son, Kaiser, and stepdaughter, Maryssa.

David was heard threatening to smack their daughter, Ensley, in the mouth on TikTok

A day prior, David was caught threatening to smack their daughter, Ensley, in the mouth after she said that he had killed some of their baby chicks while he filmed live on TikTok.

While tending to the family’s baby chicks, Ensley told her dad, “Remember you killed the baby chicks? Don’t you do it again! Then I’ll be so mad.”

David was recorded telling Ensley, “I will smack you in the mouth!” before the video ended.

Jenelle shared her post less than 24 hours after David’s TikTok video made headlines.

She captioned her post, “This picture explains a lot: The love for her dad is really big, she likes to build sandcastles with him, and the love for the beach.”

“No matter how badly you hate @easondavid88 , he’s the best father he could ever be. Only if you knew us personally maybe then you would agree, until then stop judging our lives because we’re doing just fine. ?? #BeachDay #Family #DaddysGirl”

Before Jenelle disabled comments on her post, several of her followers commented

One of Jenelle’s followers wrote, “I think she’s trying to convince herself of this. ?”

Another fan simply commented, “Bs,” and one said, “I was waiting for this ?? sure Jenelle… Sure…”

Jenelle Evans formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Several of Jenelle’s followers commented before she disabled comments on her post. Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Jenelle continually defends David, despite his behavior and history

This isn’t the first time Jenelle has come to David’s defense after his questionable behavior, namely violence against animals. The couple was fired from Teen Mom 2 after David shot and killed the family dog for allegedly nipping Ensley in the face.

Earlier this month, Jenelle defended her husband of three-and-a-half years while they went out for dinner together, but her fans weren’t convinced she’s happily married.

Last month, Jenelle told her followers that “this is forever” when talking about her marriage to David.

Although Jenelle is no longer a part of the Teen Mom franchise, she recently admitted that she misses being a part of the show.

Teen Mom 2 is returns Tuesday, May 4 at 8/7c on MTV.

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