Jacob regrets his fight with Haley on move-in day, says ‘it wasn’t my proudest moment’

Upon arriving to their new apartment, the argument that began on their honeymoon escalated. Pic credit: Lifetime

While Haley Harris and Jacob Harder’s union started awkwardly at best on this season of Married at First Sight, it quickly escalated into an explosive exchange after their honeymoon.

Looking back on his fight with Haley on their move-in day, Jacob admitted it wasn’t one of his best moments.

Jacob admits on Unfiltered that fight with Haley ‘wasn’t his proudest moment’

Moving into a mutual apartment is a huge step in the experiment. However, this milestone was overshadowed by events from their honeymoon.

Walking into their new place and obviously talking about the argument looming over their heads, Haley said, “Well, do you wanna do a tour, or you just wanna get right into it?”

The two chose to get right into it as Jacob called Haley a liar and accused her of having a boyfriend at home.

Reflecting on the moment on the MAFS spin-off Unfiltered with Jamie Otis, the MAFS alum asked, “What is it like watching that back?”

“Not my proudest moment obviously,” he began. “I was trying to talk some of this stuff out just the two of us, you know. I wanted to talk to her on the plane ride home, she moved her seat.”

“What is it thats causing you to be so defensive?,” Jamie asked.

“It’s one person private, another person not private,” Jacob explained. “That’s what really had me I guess, amped up or frustrated because I feel like I’m tip-toeing across a land mind here and I feel like she was playing games with me, to be honest.

“That over a period of time, boiled over into what you saw there.”

Jacob confronted Haley about their lack of connection on their monthiversary

While it’s been a few weeks since their explosive fight, the connection between Haley and Jacob hasn’t got much better.

Recently the newlyweds celebrated their monthiversaries. However, it wasn’t much of a celebration for these two.

Despite making strides and finally sharing a bed again, Jacob confronts Haley about their lack of connection.

Do you think Haley and Jacob have a chance at their marriage or should they just throw in the towel now?

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