MAFS alums Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner celebrate 7 years of marriage

MAFS couple Doug and Jamie.
Doug and Jamie have maintained their Married at First Sight relationship since the show’s season one premiere. Pic credit: Lifetime

Appearing on the debut of Married at First Sight, the love story of Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner was the first in the franchise to make fans believe in the controversial social experiment.

If there’s any proof that the new take on arranged marriage can be successful, it’s these season one veterans.

While their connection wasn’t instant, they believed in the expert-led process and have recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary together.

Jamie and Doug starred in season 1 of the franchise

OG fans know that their success wasn’t always guaranteed. In fact, Jamie has always been transparent that she initially felt no chemistry toward her new husband.

After meeting Doug at the altar for the first time, she spent the next moments crying, convinced she had just made the worst decision of her life.

In a post on Instagram, the mother of two described her romantic journey with the husband she met on a reality tv show.

“When I saw my stranger husband for the first time I didn’t feel any connection and I wasn’t very attracted to him. There was no spark – it was nothing like I’d hoped for…and I panicked,” she described in the caption.

However, if you’re familiar with Jamie’s story – she went through a lot growing up as a young girl when she saw her mother in abusive relationships.

Giving the process a chance, she decided to open her mind and get to know the partner the experts felt was good for her.

It was clear Jamie was guarded, but even viewers felt Doug was the man she needed.

One fan wrote, “He wore his heart on his sleeve. He was going to be a great husband. Sure, there might be cuter guys, but that heart of his? Oh, Jamie, he outshone everyone.”

A long-time fan expresses their excitement for the couple. Pic credit: @jamieotis/Instagram

It might’ve been the best thing she ever did because 7 years and 2 kids later, the two strangers that met at the altar – are still married and happier than ever.

Later on in the post, Jamie publically thanks her husband, writing, “Thank you for loving me when I’m not very lovable. Thank you for always being so patient and understanding. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me!”⁣

Ending the post with a message to future brides, the MAFS alum writes, “If you’re on the fence about giving the nice guy who ‘looks good on paper’ a chance bc you’re not super attracted or he’s not the kinda guy you usually date – let this be your sign. Trust me on this one!”

Jamie and Doug celebrate 7 years of marriage

Spending their seven-year anniversary in their new home state of Florida, the couple spent it by the beach.

Gifting him a scuba lesson, it’s clear these two have more adventures coming their way.

So far in 11 seasons of the show, the experts have successfully orchestrated 12 lasting marriages. Not only are these marriages still flourishing, but over 8 babies have joined the MAFS family.

Who is your favorite couple from the MAFS franchise?

Married at First Sight: Couples Cam airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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