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MAFS Atlanta: Jacob admits sharing a bed with Haley may have ‘made things worse’

Jacob admits sharing a bed with his new wife might’ve made things worse in their relationship. Pic credit: Lifetime

While their drama isn’t as bad as other couples this season on Married at First Sight, Haley Harris and Jacob Harder definitely have their own obstacles.

Since tying the knot as strangers, the nicest way to describe this union would be awkward.

Just as Haley and Jacob were starting to make moves in their marriage, something that should’ve brought them close – might’ve pushed them more apart.

Sharing a bed might’ve made things worse between these two

Finally sharing a bed for the first time since the honeymoon, Jacob asked a nervous Haley, “So no spooning or goodnight kiss?”

Without even thinking, Haley replied, “No. Not ready for that. We just got back in the same bed.”

Speaking about the encounter with Jamie Otis on the MAFS spin-off Unfiltered, the alum asked, “What is the energy like in the bedroom here?”

“Ice cold,” he responded quickly. “There’s no chemistry, and honestly, I think it might have made things worse because of how frigid it was. I think that’s just being honest.”

While Jacob explained that he was joking, Jamie pointed out that it didn’t look like his new wife understood his humor.

Their one month anniversary did not go as planned

While other participants have started dropping the love word, Haley and Jacob couldn’t be further. At this point, the two are happy not to be fighting and, at least, somewhat establishing a friendship.

On the latest episode, the MAFS couples celebrated their monthiversaries with their new spouses.

Despite starting their anniversary date on better terms, the conversation quickly went left over dinner.

“I feel like you kind of look past me,” he told his wife of four weeks. “Like I’m not in the room when we’re in the room together. So I don’t know how to try and bridge a connection ’cause I don’t feel like you want one with me.”

Convinced there are reasons to why she isn’t attracted to him, he doesn’t see much changing in the month they have left in the experiment.

“Well, don’t worry in 4 weeks, you won’t have to see me ever again,” he told her. “We’d have to get struck by lightning at this point and like each other to stay married.”

When it comes to this marriage, fans definitely have their opinions on who’s side they’re on.

Pic credit: @YoungTurq/Twitter

Are you Team Haley or Team Jacob?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime

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