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Jacob confronts Haley about their lack of connection, says ‘I don’t feel like you want one with me’

Jacob and Haley have an intense exchange on their one month anniversary celebration. Pic credit: Lifetime

Just when you thought Haley Harris and Jacob Harder were making advancements in their marriage, the monthiversaries only brought them three steps back.

This season on Married at First Sight, while Haley and Jacob weren’t that lucky couple to find an instant connection, 4 weeks later and there still trying to figure out a friendship.

Jacob confronts Haley about their lack of connection

On the latest episode, the newlyweds are celebrating their one month anniversary.

To commemorate the occasion, Haley and Jacob received a photo book containing memories of the wedding they participated in only four weeks prior.

What started out as a nice dinner at a winery, quickly went left when the subject of the next month of the experiment came up.

Remembering the promises they made to each other on the altar, Haley told Jacob, “I think that all that we can do from this point on, like, even though maybe we haven’t held up the vows that we thought that we were gonna hold up – both of us, not just one. All we can do now is be positive and try to move forward for the next month.”

It’s clear Jacob had an issue with Haley’s statement as he replied, “What can we vow to do differently than we’ve done the first four weeks that would actually progress us?”

He went on to tell Haley that he feels like she looks past him, explaining “like I’m not in the room when we’re in the room together.”

Clearly at the end of his rope, Jacob voiced, “So I don’t know how to try and bridge a connection ’cause I don’t feel like you want one with me.”

Convinced there are other reasons why she isn’t attracted to him, Jacob feels there are things she’s not being completely open about.

“I’ve shared with you everything I have,” she told him.

“So that basically just means you don’t like me,” Jacob concluded.

Haley felt uncomfortable agreeing to a hug a day with Jacob

Physical attraction has been a major road block when it comes to Jacob and Haley.

Going back to when Haley wouldn’t agree to a hug, Jacob said, “It’s the disgusted sigh when we hugged for, like, the one-hug-a-day thing that, like, really put me off, where it’s like, ‘Okay, I’m kind of done with trying that.'”

Haley has said she usually doesn’t have issues connecting with people, so the situation is super frustrating to her as well.

Despite finally sharing a bed for the first time since the honeymoon, it’s clear neither of these two are happy.

Do you think this is the end of Jacob and Haley?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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