Is MTV’s Siesta Key going to start filming in Miami? Here’s what we know

Juliette Porter of Siesta Key.
Fans speculate that Siesta Key could start being filmed in Miami next season. Pic credit: @julietteporter/Instagram

MTV’s Siesta Key takes place in Sarasota, Florida, and has since the show first aired.

While the cast has taken trips together in past seasons to places like Nashville, Tennessee, and the Grenadines, the main focus has remained on the Florida island.

Some cast members have decided to move away from their hometown, such as Madisson Hausburg, who has relocated to Los Angeles to be with her now-husband, Ish Soto.

Along with Madisson, Juliette Porter’s ex-boyfriend Sam Logan and his friend and costar Jordana Barnes recently moved in together in Miami.

It looks like Sam and Jordana aren’t the only ones considering a move to southern Florida — here’s why fans suspect Siesta Key could start filming in Miami next season.

Is MTV’s Siesta Key going to film in Miami, Florida, next season?

Now that Jordana and Sam have relocated to Miami, some of their costars are considering following in their footsteps.

Brandon Gomes recently shared a Twitter post and revealed, “Moving to Miami [sunshine emoji]”

Brandon says he’s moving to Miami. Pic credit: @_BG_Gomes/Twitter

Brandon didn’t give any more details about his potential move, but it’s possible he’s making the decision to further his music career and gain more exposure.

Fans on Reddit started talking about the possibility that other cast members could make a move to Miami as well, including Juliette Porter.

A commenter noted that Juliette went on a podcast recently and shared that she wanted to move to Miami. They also wondered if a move to a new city would cause a change-up in some of the main cast members on the show.

A Reddit user discusses Siesta Key’s potential move to Miami. Pic credit: @Altruistic-Dig-8839/Reddit

Another commenter noted that Juliette’s new boyfriend, Clark Drum, lives in Fort Lauderdale, which is right next to Miami. That further contributes to why Juliette may want to relocate to the city.

They also thought that Sam may have gotten a head start on the rest of the cast because of his wealth and that nothing was holding him back from leaving Siesta Key.

Fans discuss Siesta Key possibly moving to Miami. Pic credit: @Proper_Depth1041/Reddit

MTV has not confirmed a change to Siesta Key’s filming location

As of now, the possibility of Siesta Key changing filming locations to Miami remains mere speculation by fans.

MTV has not revealed whether there will be any changes to the filming location next season.

More cast members may make the jump to move to the new city, which could potentially force a filming relocation or a potential cast shakeup in future seasons.

Currently, fans can tune in to new episodes of Siesta Key to keep up with all the drama going on with the cast. Viewers can stay tuned to see whether things will change for next season.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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7 months ago

I love the show, I hope that there will be another season