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Is Little People, Big World losing its luster? Fans think so

The Roloffs of LPBW
Fans of Little People, Big World think the show is losing its luster. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World fans are speaking out about the long-running reality TV show and many of them think the show has become contrived and is losing its luster.

With the popular TLC show in its 22nd season, Little People, Big World has surely had a large following since its premiere in 2006.

The show initially set out to educate viewers about little people and to show audiences that despite their short stature, they live likes like anyone else.

LPBW specifically followed the lives of Matt and Amy Roloff and their kids, Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob. Since the show’s start, Matt and Amy have divorced, and all of the Roloff kids, except for Zach, have stopped filming.

Viewers were captivated by the Roloffs’ down-to-earth nature and the documentary-style reality TV show that provided honest, clean entertainment while educating its audience.

Little People, Big World has definitely changed over the years, and its fanbase is taking notice

In a Reddit thread titled, “Losing its Luster,” LPBW fans discussed how the show has changed over the years, and how they think it has become another run-of-the-mill reality TV series.

LPBW on Reddit
Reddit users discussed LPBW “losing its luster.” Pic credit: u/ColeslawSelfies/Reddit

The Reddit user who created the thread felt that the show has become contrived, and feels more like an inauthentic storyline is being shown to viewers each week.

Most other LPBW fans on the thread agreed. One fan of the show commented, “When they started the show it was a true docu-follow but now storylines are contrived to the point it’s not even believable.”

They added that Jackson and Lilah’s health journeys are worth watching, as they’re educational. “I don’t mind following Jackson and Lilah’s health journeys though. I feel like there is some value of educating the public in those moments,” the Reddit user continued.

LPBW on Reddit
One LPBW fan felt that the show is no longer believable, but sees the value in documenting Jackson and Lilah’s health struggles. Pic credit: u/ColeslawSelfies/Reddit

This season, viewers learned that Zach and Tori’s son, Jackson, will require surgery on his legs to correct the bowing. And their daughter, Lilah, needed glasses to correct her vision, hoping to avoid surgery.

Another fan of the show commented that they miss the earlier seasons on the show, claiming that the show didn’t used to rely on drama for viewership.

LPBW fans miss the earlier seasons

“I really miss the earlier seasons of the show when it was just a wholesome happy family enjoying each other‘s company and doing fun things together. It’s one of the only reality shows I can think of at that time that didn’t manufacture nastiness and drama for views,” said the fan.

They continued, “It proved that, that garbage wasn’t necessary to make a successful reality show.”

Another fan agreed that Little People, Big World was one of the best reality TV shows and said, “I [re-watched] the series recently, I think it holds up as one of the best reality TV shows.”

LPBW on Reddit
Reddit users and fans of LPBW loved the show for its lack of drama. Pic credit: u/ColeslawSelfies/Reddit

One fan of the show voiced that they preferred when LPBW followed the everyday lives of the Roloffs, rather than “storylines.”

“Yeah. It’s weird too because I’d much rather watch people live a less dramatic life but have realer convos and moments,” wrote the fan.

Is LPBW too contrived for viewers lately?

One LPBW viewer admitted they don’t watch anymore because they feel the show is “contrived.”

LPBW on Reddit
One fan of LPBW thought it’s become “contrived.” Pic credit: u/ColeslawSelfies/Reddit

“Oh, for sure. It’s so contrived that I don’t even watch it anymore. I still follow (most of) them on IG because even though that’s pretty [inauthentic] as well, at least there isn’t a whole production team behind it (yet),” wrote the Reddit user.

One of the major storylines on the show lately is the tension between Amy and Matt Roloff after their divorce. The exes were often at each others’ throats while still married, and not much has changed since they split.

Matt and Amy were able to put their differences aside, however, in this week’s episode to make Christmas special for their grandkids.

Another major storyline on this season of the show has been Amy and Chris’ upcoming wedding. The couple revealed their wedding date is August 28, and fans of the show are getting excited, now that the countdown is on.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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8 months ago

International perspective (non US) – Love and adore Amy, Zac, Tory and their 2 wonderful kids. What a breath of fresh air is Chris!!!! We have sooo much external negativity with covid…. Matt is sooooo negative and always always measuring everything to his standards and how he would ‘do things’. Painfull!!! Not in touch with reality and diversity!! No wonder the marriage failed (Amy, you are STAR and a very very powerful woman to survive all these years…) … Hope the children follow the mother as a role model. Sure, Amy was negative at some point after being dictated to for sooooo many years. I am starting to fast forward when Matt drones on and on about Amy not accepting and Amy this …and Amy that…. FFS …. let it go! Allow a wonderful mother to integrate with MASSIVE change and while being there for everyone…. Amy still deserves recognition for being ‘bossed’ and ‘shunted’….I remain a huge Amy fan …..
Matt constantly accuses Amy of aggressiveness and ‘lying about an ultimatum’ …….is Matt lying a bit…… appears Matt forgot that matt quoted the ‘contract’ at some stage that he could sell the farm from under her ‘arse’ if she does not make a discision….. (ultimatums were made…)
Love the program and love to see a ‘diversity’ family (Little people) survive and thrive in these difficult times. Time to show less and less of the ‘dictator’ Matt – Matt has some real issues …… communication…….. allowing and accepting different opinions…. (I will not forget when he told Jeremy he was considering being available for senator and Jeremy shut him down…. his reaction was priceless…..) ….. Matt does not like any one disagreeing with him. In his discussions with Caren – he is careful….. this is quite visible…
Anyway… lovely series…. LOVE to see the LITTLE People have challenges and opportunities and experiences not too different from others … (please just show less of dominant Matt … this is not quite the role model for modern real life)