LPBW fans think Amy needs to let go of her past and not be so ‘defensive’ about Matt

Matt and Amy Roloff of LPBW
Fans of LPBW think Amy Roloff needs to lighten up a little when it comes to her ex, Matt Roloff Pic credit: TLC

Fans of Little People, Big World spoke out against Amy Roloff and thought the star needed to let go of her past and not be so “defensive” when it comes to her relationship with her ex-husband Matt Roloff.

TLC shared a video clip of this week’s season premiere when Matt and Caryn visited Amy and Chris at their new home.

Since Matt and Caryn were unable to attend Amy and Chris’ housewarming party, they visited a day earlier, without any other guests. Both couples worried that things might turn awkward, but luckily for everyone involved, things went as well as could be expected.

One topic of discussion that came up was wedding plans, as Amy and Chris are engaged and have a late summer wedding planned. When Chris mentioned that finding a venue was on their list of things to do, Matt offered the farm as a venue.

Chris was open to the idea since it would make planning much easier and save them money, but Amy wasn’t so thrilled about the proposal and couldn’t hide her emotions or facial expressions.

Fans voiced their dislike for Amy’s attitude

One fan said, “Amy needs to “let it go, let it go” meaning her anger … she lets Matt get to her for reason – such anger …. she gets flustered just being near him … very sad!!!”

Amy Roloff of LPBW on Instagram
LPBW fans thought Amy needed to lighten up when it comes to her past with Matt Pic credit: @TLC/Instagram

Another fan of the show said, “Amy needs to lighten up and stop always being on the attack or so defensive all the time.”

Amy Roloff of LPBW on Instagram
Fans of LPBW told Amy to “let go of the past.” Pic credit: @TLC/Instagram

More fans of the show spoke out, and one said, “Amy gets on my nerves.”

Another wrote, “I won’t watch this show because of Amy’s negativity!”

“Amy, for the sake of your future relationship please let all of your past go. It’s time to grow. Chris doesn’t want any part of that drama. He is trying to be amicable and respectful towards the father of your children. Be happy and play nice. That is all….,” said another fan who thought that Amy needed to move on.

Amy has plenty of positive things to look forward to in her future with Chris

Amy has plenty of positive things going on in her life to focus on, including her upcoming summer nuptials to Chris, spending time with her four grandkids, and doing plenty of traveling.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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