Frenchie from Big Brother 23 has truck stolen, tracks down thief

Frenchie On Instagram
Big Brother’s Frenchie wasn’t just going to let someone steal his truck. Pic credit: @farmerfrenchie_/Instagram

Brandon “Frenchie” French from Big Brother 23 shared that his truck was stolen this weekend and that he went into quick action to track down the thief.

During the Summer 2021 Big Brother season, Frenchie burst onto the scene as someone who was ready to play the game hard from Day 1. He won the first challenge and that led to him being the first Head of Household for the summer.

The bad news for Frenchie was that due to playing the game too hard in Week 1, he ended up as a target for eviction in Week 2. Frenchie became the second person evicted from the BB23 cast.

If Big Brother ever does a second-chance season, Frenchie would be an interesting character to bring back. It would be fun to watch a professed super fan try out the game again after first gaining some experience at it.

Recently, Frenchie also shared a video of some shark fishing he took on while down in Florida.

Frenchie has truck stolen, tracks it down

“My damn brand new truck was stolen this morning. Thank god I was able to tap into my gps and find it. Led the cops right to it,” Frenchie wrote on a Twitter post.

“Side note. Hey christopher, next time you want to steal a vehicle you shouldn’t connect and download your phone to the vehicle. See you soon,” Frenchie added with a winking emoji closing out his post.

More news from Big Brother alums

Fellow Big Brother alum Janelle Pierzina competed on a new reality competition show. The episodes will air later this summer, and the show also features Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly.

And in a very interesting revelation, Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry stated that he doesn’t watch the show now. He provided that information during a new interview he gave ahead of the Big Brother 2022 season.

As for that upcoming season of the show, the first episode is going to be 90 minutes long and it will arrive on Wednesday, July 6. The names of the BB24 cast members should be revealed soon, and they are all competing for a $750,000 cash prize.

To go back and watch Frenchie play on the Big Brother 23 cast, fans can stream the episodes using Paramount+. That’s where all past seasons of the show are made readily available.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

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