Big Brother winner Ian Terry stopped watching the show, explained why

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Ian Terry is just enjoying life without Big Brother in it. Pic credit: @TulaneTerry/Twitter

Ian Terry won Big Brother 14, and many viewers still feel he was one of the best players the game has seen. But it seems that Ian has stopped watching Big Brother, and he went into detail about why he made that decision.

It was as a member of the BB14 cast that Big Brother fans got to know Ian. He was an unassuming member of the Summer 2012 season, taking an early backseat to the overall theme of what was taking place.

For that season, producers brought back four houseguests to serve as the coaches of teams. Dan Gheesling, Britney Haynes, Mike “Boogie” Malin, and Janelle Pierzina were the fan favorites that came back, helping give the season a boost right out of the gate.

Ian started out that season as a member of Mike’s team but ended up gravitating toward Dan, who he worked with until the very end. On finale night, Ian beat out Dan to become the Big Brother 14 winner. Ian was later invited back to participate in Big Brother 22.

Ian Terry stopped watching Big Brother

Ahead of Big Brother 24, Ian Terry participated in an EW interview about his time on Big Brother. One of the questions he got asked was whether or not he still watches the show.

“I don’t. Too different from the show I grew up enjoying,” Ian stated. “BB19 was the final straw for me — I pulled the plug a few weeks in, watched the finale, and never watched another episode.”

“I figured maybe I’d give BB20 a chance, but read up on it, and it didn’t excite me much, so I passed on it. I even gave up on Survivor after the surprise final four fire-making twist was introduced (no issue with the fire-making, issue that it was a surprise). I guess I just grew out of the genre altogether,” Ian went on to elaborate.

More from the world of Big Brother

Fellow BB14 houseguest Janelle Pierzina will be on a new show this summer. Janelle and Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly signed up to play on Snake in the Grass, which is a new reality competition show filmed in Costa Rica.

But that’s not all for Rachel. A new show called Better with the Benchels stars Rachel and her husband Brendon Villegas from Big Brother 12. It gives viewers a lot behind the scenes of a showmance that got started in the Big Brother house.

Fans looking forward to meeting some new houseguests will get to very soon, as the Big Brother 2022 season begins in July. The BB24 cast is reportedly made up of all-new people, so it will be some new blood for the fans to cheer on.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

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