Big Brother 24 rumors: Dash of ‘tea’ shared by former houseguest, Kat Dunn

Kat Dunn On Big Brother 21
Kat Dunn from the Big Brother 21 cast has some thoughts on BB24. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Many Big Brother 24 rumors are starting to float around social media, spurred on by the fact that the new cast has already been sequestered. This means that the producers have selected their group of houseguests, and the revelation of the cast list won’t be too far behind.

But with the lull of information about what will be taking place during the Big Brother 2022 season, the rumor mill has been filled with people posting fake cast information, untrue twists, and jokes about how the season will play out.

Kathryn Dunn, who was a part of the Big Brother 21 cast, has been posting a lot about the upcoming season of the show. And she claims to have an inside source for some of the “tea” she has been sharing.

During her season of Big Brother, Kat was involved in several showmances, including one that took place in the BB21 jury house. And since she left the game, she has been very vocal on social media about the successive seasons of the show.

Kat Dunn shares some new ‘tea’ from Big Brother 24

“Okay so I got some tea and it’s for real this time so listen up everybody #bb24,” Kat Dunn posted on Twitter to get people interested in the thread she was about to start taking part in.

“So earlier I tweeted that the live audience was coming back but I recently heard that it might not be coming back after all,” Kat wrote in a follow-up tweet that ended with a broken heart and sad face emoji.

Many past seasons of Big Brother have featured a live audience for the episodes that Julie Chen Moonves hosted. Having a crowd also meant that former houseguests and celebrities could be on hand to watch evictions take place.

Since the first episode of Big Brother 24 features a live move-in, it would have been fun to have a live studio audience there to cheer and react to anything that might be happening on Day 1. But, if Kat is correct, then safety protocols might still be in place, meaning no large audiences.

More Big Brother news and notes

The Big Brother 24 finale date was recently announced, revealing that CBS already has a plan for all of its shows this September. The finale date also indicates that the Big Brother 2022 season will be very short. That’s a significant change for the network and the fans.

Stay tuned, folks, because it shouldn’t be much longer until the official BB24 cast list is revealed. We will make sure to pass it on as soon we learn the names. What has been advertised is that they will all be new to the game this summer.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

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