Fessy Shafaat reveals biggest threats on The Challenge, if he thinks he’s misunderstood on the show

fessy shafaat during the challenge double agents elimination
The Challenge: Double Agents star Fessy Shafaat revealed which competitors are the biggest threats in the game. Pic credit: MTV

In just his sophomore season on The Challenge, former Big Brother star Fessy Shafaat has been shaking up the game and proving himself to be one of the biggest threats in the game.

His early elimination win during Double Agents raised questions about whether or not he could defeat some of the other past or present Challenge stars. Still, Fessy has gone on record to say nobody can defeat him.

Even so, he revealed a few of The Challenge’s competitors, who he views as the game’s biggest threats besides himself. He also revealed if he thinks he’s misunderstood on the show regarding fans loving or hating him.

Fessy comments on some fans’ perceptions of him on The Challenge

There were plenty of fans and some castmates last season calling rookie competitor Fessy boring. There were even some references to “wallpaper” as far as his personality on The Challenge goes. However, he seems to be making up for that with his Double Agents season.

His second season has included him winning the first two daily missions and volunteering to go into a Hall Brawl elimination. During that elimination, he got rid of his supposed friend and ally, Nelson Thomas. There have also been a few hookups in the house involving Fessy and rumors of cheating on his former Big Brother girlfriend.

Episode 7’s preview trailer shows Fessy going off on several castmates claiming nobody wants to see him in the elimination. Security is shown restraining him as he continues his rant.

On Friday (January 22), Fessy took to his Instagram Story to answer fan questions. One fan asked if Fessy thinks he’s misunderstood now that he’s on The Challenge.

“No. I just don’t think people knew the real me on Big Brother and the first season of The Challenge. Challenge fans have their favorites they’ve been watching for years that they’ve seen prove themselves so they favor them,” Fessy replied.

He also said he thinks people haven’t seen enough of his abilities yet and that some castmates “try to play their narrative [about him] to keep theirs alive.”

There has been some backlash towards him from castmates Nelson Thomas, Cory Wharton, and Devin Walker. Of those three, Nelson said he hasn’t spoken to Fessy since his elimination from Double Agents. Devin recently called out Fessy over his elimination wins and his bragging about being the toughest competitor.

Fessy reveals two competitors as biggest threats

Interestingly, Fessy gave credit to two castmates that he sees as the biggest threats on The Challenge, although one has to wonder about one of the answers he gave.

The Instagram post above captures a screenshot where Fessy shared side-by-side photos of veteran competitors Tori Deal and Chris “CT” Tamburello as his biggest threats. Of those two, CT has won three times on The Challenge and solidified his name in the history books. He also held his own with Fessy during a daily mission where they grappled with one another on top of a speeding semi-truck.

Fessy saying Tori as an answer will immediately have fans realizing he admitted to finding her attractive in one of the early Double Agents episodes. There had even been some rumors that the two were getting to know each other and had a secret relationship going on the show. That has yet to be fully revealed anywhere, though, and Tori has denied cheating on then-fiance Jordan Wiseley while she was on the show.

She has made it to the final on The Challenge but has yet to win, and some viewers may feel she just doesn’t have what it takes. Former competitor Paulie Calafiore gave his thoughts on Tori leaving the Double Agents season early suggesting she needs to put in more work outside the show.

She was eliminated from the season by her good friend, Aneesa Ferreira, in Episode 5. She struggled in the physical event, and that has people questioning if she is truly a threat. In terms of elimination stars, fans are more likely to view “Killa” Kam Williams as a major threat. She’s 8-2 all-time in Challenge eliminations, as of this writing, and has made some great power moves in the game compared to Tori.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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