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The Challenge star Devin Walker calls out Fessy Shafaat over elimination wins

devin walker calls out fessy shafaat after challenge elimination wins and bragging
Devin Walker had a message for castmate Fessy Shafaat after recent bragging. Pic credit: @mtv_devin/Instagram

Fessy Shafaat has made a name for himself quickly in two seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, with a finals appearance and two elimination wins.

While he’s claiming nobody can defeat him when it comes to physical elimination events, his Double Agents castmate says to look at the circumstances of Fessy’s wins.

Devin Walker recently called out Fessy for bragging about his unblemished record when it comes to eliminations and says that nobody is scared of him.

Fessy undefeated in The Challenge eliminations

Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat made his debut on The Challenge with Season 35, aka Total Madness. From the start, it was clear that even as a rookie, he was imposing in size and, based on a background in football, would be a tough competitor.

He ended up in an elimination against former Challenge winner Jordan Wiseley and easily defeated him in a game of Pole Wrestle. That earned Fessy a Red Skull and allowed him to compete in the final. He finished as a runner-up to Johnny Bananas.

It’s now a new season with The Challenge: Double Agents, with the game changed up quite a bit. Competitors still need to win an elimination to earn a Gold Skull and qualify for TJ Lavin’s final.

Fessy made a big move in Episode 4 by volunteering himself to go into elimination. The Double Agents power team of Devin Walker and Tori Deal granted his request. They sent him in against his friend and ally Nelson Thomas, who was voted into elimination by the house majority vote.

It was a Hall Brawl event, which is a big part of why the former football star wanted to compete. Fans know it’s one of the most brutal elimination events. While Nelson nearly won the first round, Fessy was much stronger. He was able to win the event in two rounds sending Nelson home. That gave Fessy Shafaat his second win in eliminations and a record of 2-0 all-time.

Devin calls out Fessy’s elimination wins

Devin Walker has competed on five seasons of The Challenge and has compiled a 4-1 elimination record. Most recently, he eliminated his good friend Wes Bergmann on Double Agents to earn a Gold Skull this season.

He hopped on Instagram to deliver a message to Fessy about his elimination wins, saying everyone keeps tagging him in Fessy’s “little [Instagram] Live.” Devin says he “did a little bit of research” about Fessy and his eliminations.

“You’re six-five, 250 pal, OK?” Devin says in his video about Fessy. “Literally, Google it, one percent of the United States population is over six-four. You picked the one combat sport that you were good enough to do that doesn’t have a weight class.”

“You beat Jordan in a Pole Wrestle. No offense Jordan, but you got six fingers, OK?” Devin also said in his message to Fessy.

“You beat a guy with six fingers in a Pole Wrestle. Congratulations. And then you beat someone that’s 5-foot-10, 190 in a Hall Brawl, and now you’re acting like you’re the baddest guy on the planet. You’re not. None of us are afraid of you unless it comes down to something where size is a massive advantage,” Devin also shares.

Devin goes on to mention that some of the older challenge competitors have children to look out for, so “they can’t play the way they used to play.” That may be about Chris “CT” Tamburello, who is a 40-year-old dad. Cory Wharton also has kids but is relatively young at 29 years old.

Devin tells Fessy he “would’ve got beat up” already if it wasn’t for those older competitors having kids to watch after back home. CT has been kicked off the show a few times in the past for fighting a castmate.

“No one’s afraid of you. You’re not the baddest guy. We’re not jealous of you. Honestly, it’s a joke,” Devin says in the video. It’s clear where he stands on the debate of whether or not Fessy is beatable when it comes to The Challenge.

However, one has to wonder, which competitor, past or present, will have the best chance of defeating Fessy when it comes to a physical elimination? Until a competitor does, it seems Fessy may be able to stand by his claims of elimination greatness.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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