Fessy Shafaat speaks out about Double Agents elimination: ‘I would never play dirty’

fessy shafaat comments on double agents elimination i would never play dirty
Fessy Shafaat at The Crater elimination site on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents viewers saw another brutal elimination take place on the show’s fourth episode, featuring one of the show’s most imposing players, Fessy Shafaat.

It also featured some bigtime moves, which shook up an alliance and friendship and shocked many fans of the show.

In a recent podcast interview, the man behind all of that talk spoke about why he made the decision he did at the time he did and about how things went down in the Double Agents elimination.

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Fessy talks about recent Double Agents events

The fourth episode of Double Agents concluded with a surprising men’s Hall Brawl elimination, which featured Nelson Thomas as the majority house vote and Fessy Shafaat volunteering to go in against him.

At the time, it was believed that they were good friends and working together as part of a bigger alliance, so it surprised Nelson and others quite a bit.

Nelson revealed after the episode he went into the elimination with a dislocated finger that he’d previously disclosed to only Fessy and his friend Cory Wharton.

In the elimination itself, Fessy was able to defeat Nelson, with some people feeling that Fessy played dirty when they were battling in the middle of the Hall Brawl.

During a recent Challenge Mania podcast episode, Fessy gave his side of things, including why he chose to go into elimination when he did.

“If I could take it back, I would. I feel bad for what I did to Nelson, but there was valid reasons for what I did. I wasn’t just like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna f**k over Nelson, let’s get him out,’” Fessy said.

“The reason was Josh [Martinez] was going in regardless, so either way, I was losing a number on my side, so it was a selfish move, but my split-second decision was made because one of my allies was going home. There was already two; now, this is a third physical elimination. I don’t know how many more there are gonna be,” he revealed.

“I’m not passing this up again,” he said of taking the opportunity when he did right there.

Interestingly, Fessy said that the conversation he and Josh had in the hot tub about Josh being ready to get his Gold Skull was just one conversation they had.

In other instances not shown in the episode, Josh asked Tori not to put him in for elimination. So he felt that Josh really wasn’t ready to go in.

Fessy also said that his decision to go against Nelson wasn’t planned ahead of time. It was made split-second as they were walking to get to the elimination site.

He said as they were walking, and about a minute away, everyone could see it was a Hall Brawl, and that’s when he asked Tori to put him in.

As for why he didn’t go in against rookie Joseph Allen in the previous elimination, he said it wasn’t clear cut when they got there if it was physical or not. He didn’t know what was up with the way the game was going so far.

Fessy on ‘playing dirty’ comments, friendship with Nelson

Fessy said the reason he tore off Nelson’s helmet visor was that it kept flapping open. Fessy said it kept scratching him, so he was trying to get rid of it. He also said his own visor was fogging up a lot, and it was tough to see.

He said it rubbed him the wrong way that people thought he was playing dirty in Hall Brawl. Even MTV’s YouTube video upload for their elimination (below) includes the word dirty in the title.

“I want to win no matter what, but I would never play dirty,” Fessy said with regards to other people’s comments about him in the Hall Brawl.

Fessy also revealed that he and Nelson had a falling out in the summer before they left for Iceland to compete on Double Agents. It had to do with some sort of business proposition that fell through.

Fessy said that Nelson called him ahead of them leaving for The Challenge to ask, “Yo are we good?” and Fessy said they were.

He also said their friendship wasn’t as solid as others, so it’s not like he and Nelson were best friends going into Double Agents.

Fessy added that he wasn’t going to bow down and do what’s best for everyone else, but that he’s trying to win and do what’s best for himself.

“Me and Nelson didn’t talk for months before the show. We weren’t on good terms,” Fessy revealed about the situation.

Fessy vs. Nelson's DIRTY Hall Brawl Elimination | The Challenge: Double Agents

Based on Fessy’s recent comments, is it possible Nelson is making more out of it than he should? This may be decided during The Challenge: Double Agents reunion, unless Nelson has more to say online first.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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