Fessy Shafaat comments on failure to compete in Double Agents Episode 7 mission

fessy shafaat speaks in the challenge double agents confessional
Fessy Shafaat said he’s disappointed he didn’t compete in Double Agents’ Episode 7 mission. Pic credit: MTV

After the recent airing of The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 7, sophomore competitor Fessy Shafaat spoke out about his performance on the show.

The former Big Brother star admitted that he was disappointed after seeing himself not competing in the episode’s daily mission but said he never quits.

Fessy also brought up why it was particularly tough for him to battle for a win during the latest event.

The Challenge competitors DQ’d in daily mission

The Double Agents Episode 7 daily mission featured five competitors hanging onto a cargo net dangling from a helicopter as it flew above cold water below. The objective was to try to stay on, but also knock the other four opponents off the net into the water as quickly as possible.

The two groups of women actually battled it out, with Kaycee Clark and Theresa Jones getting the wins in their heats. However, the two men’s groups were a different story.

The men made very few attempts to knock opponents off the net, time ran out, and everyone was disqualified in both men’s heats. Mechie Harris fell in the water during one heat, so either he fell, or someone else did something to push him off.

That said, TJ Lavin was quite disappointed with the men and called them out after the mission was over. Later in the show, he said anyone who didn’t compete in the earlier mission was having their house votes for elimination voided out.

Since the episode’s airing, at least one Double Agents competitor apologized for his lack of performance.

Fessy posts about his failure to compete

On Saturday, January 30, Fessy replied to a tweet from MTV’s The Challenge in which they called out the “quitters” for Episode 7. The Challenge tweet referenced comments former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky tweeted, where he called the men “soft” and “weak.”

“The way it was set up was impossible to pull an opponent off with one hand while he was holding on with two hands,” Fessy tweeted, adding that he was upset at himself for not competing in the mission.

During part of the episode, it seemed as if Devin Walker, Kyle Christie, and others might have been trying to gang up to knock Fessy off the net. However, it never happened. Later in the show, Fessy blew up at his castmates over nobody wanting him to win.

In another tweet on January 30th, Fessy said, “But me quit? Come on never that! I came on the show to compete!! Quitting would’ve been falling off, Or not even getting on the crate to begin with.”

He also added that certain competitors talked about sitting out the daily mission and not even getting on the cargo net to participate.

fessy tweet about episode 7 the challenge double agents
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Twitter

Fessy is appearing on his second season of MTV’s reality series after formerly starring on Big Brother. During last season, Total Madness, he reached the final but finished as a runner-up to other male competitors, including Johnny Bananas.

This season, he was part of the winning Double Agents team for the first two missions. Fessy also won an elimination against Nelson Thomas to become one of the competitors with Gold Skulls.

He seems to be a strong new competitor, so one has to wonder if he was being strategic in playing defense during that mission rather than trying to win.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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