Who has Gold Skulls on The Challenge: Double Agents? All competitors with a Skull after Episode 7

kyle christie earns gold skull in double agents second episode
Kyle Christie was the first men’s competitor to earn a Gold Skull on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

Earning Gold Skulls on The Challenge: Double Agents means winning an elimination event. It’s a risky and dangerous move, but essential for competitors to get that skull. After all, they don’t want to let show host TJ Lavin down.

Episode 7 featured another big elimination in which a veteran competitor won their Gold Skull, potentially securing a spot in the final.

Meanwhile, the ladies will have a bit of catching up to do, as the men have more Gold Skulls, and there aren’t many left to go around.

Who has Gold Skulls so far on The Challenge: Double Agents?

As of The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 7, only a select number of competitors have Gold Skulls. That qualifies them to run TJ’s final, should they make it there.

The first Skull went out to Natalie Anderson on Episode 1, but several episodes later, she had to leave the show, so her Skull returned to the available ones.

The second episode featured a men’s elimination with Kyle Christie earning a Gold Skull by defeating rookie Joseph Allen in Ring of Spies. Joseph learned it takes more than he thought it would to compete on The Challenge.

Since female competitors Nicole Zanatta and Liv Jawanda had to leave the show due to injuries, men’s eliminations were held in the next two episodes. In Episode 3, Wes Bergmann lost to his friend Devin Walker in Snapping Point.

Episode 4 featured Fessy Shafaat as the first Double Agents competitor to volunteer to go into elimination. He took out Nelson Thomas in a controversial Hall Brawl to earn his Gold Skull.

With Natalie Anderson leaving the game, it put her Gold Skull back up for grabs. There was a female elimination in Episode 5, as friends Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira battled in Asset Destruction. Aneesa won to get her Skull and Tori went home.

With the sixth episode, Theresa Jones orchestrated a master plan to get Ashley Mitchell voted into elimination. Theresa and Jay Starrett then put Kam Williams in to face her, and “Killa Kam” earned her Gold Skull in Dead Ringer.

In Double Agents Episode 7, Theresa’s plan came back to hurt her, as her partner Jay Starrett was a target. The house voted for them to go into elimination and it was a men’s battle.

Leroy Garrett volunteered himself to go in and earn his Gold Skull by defeating Jay in Fire Escape. That was the same event from the first episode where Natalie claimed the first Gold Skull.

Double Agents’ Skull count at six, only four left

With the conclusion of Episode 7, six of the competitors have their Gold Skulls. As TJ reminded everyone, there are only 10, so there are just four Skulls left.

To recap, the Gold Skull holders are Kyle Christie, Fessy Shafaat, Devin Walker, and Leroy Garrett for the guys. For the women, Kam Williams and Aneesa Ferreira have skulls.

There are a lot more than four competitors still hanging around, so things should get pretty interesting. Veteran stars like Chris “CT” Tamburello, Darrell Taylor, Theresa Jones, and Nany Gonzalez are skull-less. Most of the rookies have yet to test themselves in elimination, and a few Big Brother stars have been spectators too.

Based on the way the rules look, competitors holding a Gold Skull can still go back into elimination. That could give opportunities for others to defeat them and take their skull away, while also eliminating them.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is whether or not a competitor can earn a Gold Skull more than once. That would be an interesting strategy for a competitor to use, but it doesn’t seem this will happen.

Since the Fire Escape event was used again, then most likely other events will be back. That means a few female competitors may battle it out in a Hall Brawl at The Crater this season.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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