Former NFL quarterback calls out The Challenge: Double Agents’ male competitors for lack of effort

male competitors on episode 7 of the challenge double agents
Male competitors hang onto a cargo net on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

The male competitors’ lack of effort on The Challenge: Double Agents episode this past week certainly got the attention of viewers, host TJ Lavin, and even a former NFL quarterback.

The former player, now an ESPN analyst, recently called them out for not really competing during a daily mission, whereas the female competitors all put forth some effort to win.

It also brought forth one of the eliminated Double Agents to respond, and several other Challenge competitors to give their thoughts as well.

Former NFL player calls The Challenge men ‘soft as heck’

Dan Orlovsky is a former fifth-round NFL Draft pick for the Detroit Lions. The 6-foot-5 quarterback played for 12 seasons in the league, with time in Houston, Indianapolis, and Tampa Bay, in addition to his four years with the Lions.

For his career, he had 298-of-512 completed passes for 3,132 yards and 15 touchdowns in 26 games. Orlovsky was never a Pro Bowler, nor is he in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In 2017, he officially retired, and he has since moved on to become an ESPN analyst where he generally covers football. It seems he also enjoys a certain MTV show, as Orlovsky brought up the men’s performances on The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 7 in a recent tweet.

“Man all the dudes on @ChallengeMTV soft as heck on tonight challenges….weak weak weak weak weak,” Orlovsky tweeted during the episode.

dan orlovsky tweets about the challenge double agents
Dan Orlovsky calls out the men on The Challenge. Pic credit: @danorlovsky7/Twitter

After MTV’s The Challenge retweeted a comment from Orlovsky, the ESPN analyst continued to call out the competitors.

“Travel all the way to Iceland to not compete? TJ shoulda taken a skull away…Nelson would’ve never…,” Orlovsky tweeted, referring to eliminated competitor Nelson Thomas.

dan orlovsky replies on challenge double agents tweet
Orlovsky gives Nelson a shout out. Pic credit: @danorlovsky7/Twitter

Orlovsky’s tweets call out most of the male competitors for not trying to win the daily mission in Episode 7. It involved men’s and women’s heats of five competitors each. Each group of competitors was hanging on a cargo net attached to a helicopter flying right over some frigid water.

The objective was to try to knock all of the other competitors off that cargo net into the water and be the last one on. The male and female competitors to do that the fastest would be deemed the winners.

It ended up with the women trying to battle it out, which yielded Theresa Jones and Kaycee Clark as winners. Meanwhile, the men basically decided not to put forth much of a fight and stayed on the net, ultimately getting disqualified as time ran out on the mission.

The Challenge stars react to Orlovsky’s tweet

After Dan Orlovsky made his thoughts known about the lack of competition from the men in Episode 7, several Challenge stars chimed in. That included Nelson Thomas agreeing with Orlovsky’s sentiments.

“I think @danorlovsky7 said it already, I would’ve NEVER !!!” Nelson tweeted.

“Get em Dan!!” Derrick Kosinski replied to the former NFL player.

“I for dang sure know you woulda got on a flight home yourself before not competing!!!!” Orlovsky replied.

“I woulda been tossing em Dan!! With a smile on my face! Appreciating how pretty their dismounts were!” Derrick said.

An Instagram fan account based on The Challenge captured some of the tweet replies.

This season’s No. 1 instigator and the man who coined the phrase “Big Brother sucks,” Devin Walker, also decided to step up to Orlovsky in the Twitter comments.

“Hey Dan what’s 8×9! I’ll give you a hint it’s 3.3 less than your career QBR #youdidntkillit,” Devin replied, referencing the question he kept firing at Josh Martinez during their Double Agents spat.

devin walker replies to dan orlovsky on twitter about double agents
Pic credit: @danorlovsky7/Twitter

“Dev-I’m not Josh. You can’t rile me up man lol. Although I love the creative attempt,” Orlovsky replied, to which Devin said, “Cram it orlovsky.”

Orlovsky’s career wasn’t anything comparable to star quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Drew Brees. Still, as a former athlete, he knows about competing for a job on the roster.

It’s clear that he’s also a fan of The Challenge, and hopefully, now he has inspired the male competitors to always give their best effort in any of the daily missions they’re part of.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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