Idris Virgo calls out Josh Martinez blowup, fires back at The Challenge fans in comments

idris virgo calls out josh martinez blowup reacts to fan comments
Idris Virgo from The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season. Pic credit: MTV

On The Challenge: Double Agents, fans saw Josh Martinez have yet another of his emotional blowups, getting into it with CT Tamburello first, and then going after Devin Walker.

Former competitor Idris Virgo, who appeared on just one season of The Challenge, recently took to the comments on a social media post to react to Josh Martinez’s blowup.

In addition to calling out the former Big Brother star, Idris also replied to fans who commented on him not getting called back for MTV’s reality competition series.

Idris Virgo reacts to Josh Martinez’s blowup

A kitchen argument over frozen pizza took place between CT and Kaycee Clark in the third episode of Double Agents. It’s also worth mentioning that most of the individuals in the house had been drinking when it happened.

Josh noticed his friend Kaycee was upset and tried to confront CT. He and CT got into a shouting match after Josh was caught in a lie telling CT that Kaycee had been crying. It escalated further when Devin Walker yelled out, “Big Brother sucks,” and Josh went ballistic.

Security got involved and made sure it didn’t become a physical assault of some sort, but Josh managed to dent a wall on the house with his fist.

MTV’s The Challenge Instagram recently posted a video clip of the entire Josh blowup incident from the show (below).


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While many fans commented on the incident, so did a former competitor from The Challenge, Idris Virgo.

“Josh could never put anyone in [their] place ???,” Idris commented on the IG post, which brought in fans to agree or disagree with him.

Some of the fans brought up that Idris has been trying to get a call back for three years now and to give it up. Other fans brought up that fans had bullied Idris in the past, and he should be more compassionate towards Josh. Others agreed that Josh always has these meltdowns then apologizes for it on Twitter later.

“He’ll get his own show called. Cry a lot josh, It will be a talk show,” Idris suggested in another comment.

When fans talked about Josh being called back more than Idris, the former Challenge star said, “it’s that Big Brother hype.”

Idris also brought up that Josh has never won an elimination he’s been in.

“I’m the guy who was quite and always in the back analysing[sic]. Wasn’t the best game plan. But we move. Go rewatch wow2 I smashed the first elimination ? and I don’t cry like josh ??,” he said in a comment further in the thread.

Further in the thread, Idris tells a fan that he would defeat Josh if they competed in a Hall Brawl elimination. He even throws Fessy Shafaat’s name in there for a competitor he’d like to go up against.

idris virgo comments on instagram about josh martinez
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

Idris also mentions signing a “big deal with a big promoter,” referring to the fact he signed a deal with a new boxing promotion, which he often posts about on his Instagram page.

Idris Virgo’s Challenge history

Idris has a brief history on The Challenge, appearing on only the War of the Worlds 2 season. He arrived to the show after being a participant on Love Island UK 4 and was also a professional boxer.

He had the physique to compete, but perhaps not the strongest social game in the house. Even so, Idris did relatively well as a rookie on the show.

Idris would go nine episodes deep on the WOW2 season. He made an early name for himself as a rookie, defeating Sean Lineker in the first episode’s Pole Wrestle elimination. In the ninth episode, he was sent home by Theo Campbell in Break Free.

The now-27-year-old boxing star seems like he doesn’t have interest in returning to the show, or does he? While he shut down the notion in the comments when a fan brought it up, Idris seems like he’s trying to get something going based on what he said about Josh Martinez and the show.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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