Former Big Brother and The Challenge stars fire back at Devin Walker for ranking them among all-time worst competitors

former big brother the challenge stars fire back at devin walker
Double Agents star Devin Walker listed several Big Brother stars among his worst all-time competitors on The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents star Devin Walker recently commented about Big Brother stars and that caused them to fire back their reactions ahead of possible future seasons together.

Not only did Devin make that “Big Brother sucks” comment to Josh Martinez on the third episode of Double Agents, but he’s also suggesting several of the BB stars are amongst all-time worst competitors on The Challenge.

In particular, Big Brother-turned-Challenge stars Natalie Negrotti and Jozea Flores had some things to say based on Devin’s recent name drops on a live stream video chat.

Devin brings up Big Brother stars on The Challenge

In Double Agents’ third episode, viewers saw a blowup involving Josh Martinez as he was trying to confront CT Tamburello after a kitchen argument with Kaycee Clark.

Josh became belligerent as both he and CT got into a shouting match. Once things had calmed down, Devin blurted out “Big Brother sucks” which caused Josh to flip out. Security got involved to make sure it didn’t go too far, but Josh managed to dent a wall on The Challenge house.

Fast forward to a recent live video chat that Devin Walker did with his friend Wes Bergmann from The Challenge. At one point, Devin named his three worst competitors in the history of the show.

“There was a lot of f*****g duds back in the day, bro,” Wes said, indicating it would be tough for him to narrow it down to just three. Wes has appeared on a lot more seasons over the years compared to Devin.

Devin said he wouldn’t put Wes on the spot and instead named his three all-time worst competitors. Two of them came from Big Brother before doing The Challenge, while the third was from America’s Got Talent.

He listed Natalie Negrotti as No. 3, followed by “Joseph [Allen] from this season,” and then Jozea Flores as No. 1 all-time worst.

Check out the clip of that piece of their live chat conversation in the Instagram video below:

Natalie, Jozea react and respond to Devin’s remarks

The comments Devin made clearly didn’t sit well with Natalie or Jozea, who both fired back on Twitter. In particular, they continued to address the idea that Devin doesn’t smell good, and also questioned him being famous for anything.

“Devin is coming at me on Christmas Eve?” Natalie asked in one of her tweets.

“What’s his Twitter handle? Sorry I was busy last night on a date with a beautiful woman after taking care of my grandmother for 3 days straight. A man who can’t keep up with me endurance wise has less daily wins doesn’t shower? Huh? Lol,” she added in the tweet.

She went on to say “Smells like swamp donkey in here” and wished “Happy Holidays” to fans, asking them to let her know if Devin comes back out to play.

Meanwhile, Jozea Flores went right at Devin, possibly suggesting that things would become physical if this continued.

“Don’t play with me! Your going to need a real (walker) !! YOU DEFINITELY DON’T WANT ANY SMOKE YOU HEARD ME! KEEP MY F*****G NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH!” Jozea tweeted.

He followed that up with letting Devin know that Big Brother “is not going nowhere!!! WE ARE A MAIN F**KING FACTOR OF THE SHOW !!!”

In the Instagram post below, a fan account captured the various tweets and even a live video that Jozea made.

“I been a star before The Challenge. You only are known from The Challenge ho,” he said in part of the video.

“You are only known from The Challenge, smelly. Smelly. Do you understand, Smelly?” Jozea continued, saying Devin is only known for The Challenge while he’s known from multiple sources.

Devin’s Challenge history with Natalie, Jozea

All three competitors appeared on the Final Reckoning season of The Challenge. Natalie was paired up with fellow Big Brother 18 star Paulie Calafiore. Jozea was partnered with Big Brother’s Da’Vonne Rogers. Meanwhile, Devin was paired with Cory Wharton.

During that season, Cory ended up getting into a minor physical altercation with Tony Raines, which led to him and Devin being sent home from the game.

Natalie and Devin were amongst the 28 competitors on Vendettas season. Jozea and Devin were also part of a Champs vs. Stars spinoff series for The Challenge.

With Double Agents, Devin is appearing on his fifth Challenge season but has yet to win one. He reached the finals on Rivals III, his first season, though. Prior to The Challenge, he appeared on MTV’s Are You The One? 3 and Ex on the Beach shows.

In just the third episode of Double Agents, Devin got into it a bit with Josh Martinez, creating a possible Big Brother feud there.

It’s looking like there may now be some bad blood between Devin and Big Brother’s Natalie and Jozea too. It could easily play into a future Rivals season, or any other season of The Challenge if MTV puts them in the same cast.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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