Da’Vonne Rogers shows major support for The Challenge veteran on Double Agents

davonne rogers supports the challenge veteran on double agents
Da’Vonne Rogers appeared on two seasons of The Challenge, including Final Reckoning. Pic credit: MTV

Big Brother and former The Challenge star Da’Vonne Rogers is backing up one of her former castmates competing on Double Agents.

In a recent exchange of social media comments, Da’Vonne showed support for “Killa” Kam Williams, who is trying to make some major moves on her fifth regular edition of The Challenge.

It appears to be based on some fans who have called out Kam ahead of what looks to be quite the Double Agents episode.

Da’Vonne shows support for Kam on The Challenge

Ahead of the third episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, veteran Kam Williams tweeted about being called “cocky” by others.

“I get called cocky for being fearless,” Kam tweeted, adding, “least I back it up. I honestly can’t wait to recap tomorrow’s episode!”

That brought a reply from Da’Vonne Rogers to let Kam know she’s well within her rights to celebrate herself.

“Listen! Give yourself your flowers because these people sure won’t. Nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back. I’ve seen ‘others’ do it with NO backlash. You are IT so continue to own IT! They’ll adjust accordingly.” Da’Vonne tweeted to Kam.

Kam replied, giving her thanks to Da’Vonne for the support, also returning that love and support back to her.

The full Twitter exchange was captured on a fan Instagram account about The Challenge (below):

While Killa Kam doesn’t say where the “cocky” comments were from, they may be from fans, claiming that her confidence in her abilities in the game is cockiness. There could be something on the way in a future episode of the show too.

Kam is known for being outspoken on The Challenge, and Da’Vonne Rogers is also known for that. She spoke up many times during her two seasons of the show, including her debut on Final Reckoning. Kam was on that same season.

Several months ago, MTV put together a highlight reel of Da’Vonne’s top comments from her two seasons on the show, which may give strong evidence that she needs to return.

The Challenge spoilers for Kam early in the season

So far, in just two episodes, viewers have seen Kam involved in some early power moves, including discussing how to get rid of former champions that are on Double Agents. She attempted to choose multiple-time Challenge champion CT Tamburello as her partner on the premiere episode, but he brushed her off.

Instead, Kam teamed up with another Big Brother star, Josh Martinez, and then attempted to get rid of the team of CT and Ashley. Her goal was met halfway, as Natalie Anderson was able to eliminate Ashley on the first episode. CT avoided going into elimination and then chose Big T as his new partner.

CT also did his best to apologize to Kam for what went down in that first episode, so it should be interesting how that situation plays out.

In the second episode, Kam got a partner swap she may not have wanted after last week’s elimination event. Kyle Christie took on rookie Joseph Allen and won their event to send him home.

In addition to earning a Gold Skull on Double Agents, Kyle also took advantage of the new twist. That’s where a winner in elimination gets to trade for a different partner if they want. He chose to trade Nany Gonzalez for Kam so he’d possibly be safer from being voted in.

Josh was a bit upset about it at first, but he has a good connection with Nany, so he eventually seemed to settle down. However, the preview of Season 36, Episode 3, looks like things will get quite explosive, including Josh going ballistic in the house.

Meanwhile, based on Kam Williams’ comments above, there will likely be something on the way featuring her in the episode. Kam’s biggest supporters, including Da’Vonne Rogers, are likely to be watching to see what Kam does.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

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