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Fans bash Kody Brown for not wanting a family dog, call him selfish

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Fans bash Kody Brown for not wanting a family dog. Pic credit: TLC

On this week’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown made it clear that he did not want another dog in the family and his followers on social media called him selfish because of it.

Kody spoke out about the topic twice during the Brown family’s live-tweet session on Sunday night. One fan took to Kody’s account to tell him, “Dogs – get a lint brush. You’re selfish. Dogs are not an inconvenience.”

In response to the follower who called Kody “selfish”, Kody told followers, “If you have dog hair allergies then it really is. It is a question of health and well-being…..not selfish. #SisterWives

In a second tweet, Kody explained that he wasn’t against dogs altogether, but just didn’t want to add any more to the family.

He said, “We have 3 at @JanelleBrown117 house. So I’m not without dogs. I’m just uninterested in more at this time. We have had much dog drama. #SisterWives

His tweets referred to a scene from the episode, called Different Wives and Rules. Robyn’s eldest daughters Breanna and Aurora were talking about what they wanted for their upcoming birthdays.

Robyn and Kody were filming the scene from their cell phones, as the pandemic didn’t allow camera crews in their home. Robyn wanted to make sure the teenagers had special birthday celebrations, despite having to keep it Covid-friendly.

Kody Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Kody Brown tweets about owning dogs. Pic credit: @realkodybrown/Twitter

Robyn’s daughters revealed they wanted a dog as a birthday gift

Breanna and Aurora were giggly when they told Robyn they had a gift idea in mind. Aurora mentioned earlier about wanting an emotional support animal and said she and Breanna would be interested in a “medium-sized dog.”

Kody abruptly interrupted and told her, “I’d rather feed a horse regularly,” and the girls laughed. 

In the same scene from the confessional couch, Janelle added her opinion. She stated that Robyn’s family should have gotten a dog a long time ago and admitted she herself is a dog person, owning two of her own.

Since the taping of the episode, Janelle has added a third dog to her home.

During Meri’s confessional, she said Kody had been long opposed to owning dogs “since day one” and claimed she didn’t exactly know why.

It’s no surprise to viewers that Meri wasn’t aware of Kody’s reasons, given the state of their estranged marriage.

Kody blamed allergies for not wanting another dog

Kody continued to tell Brenna, Aurora and Robyn, “I would rather have to feed a horse than to ever have a dog, another dog in my house.”

He began detailing his allergies to dogs, stating that he gets scratchy eyes, before being swiftly interrupted by Robyn.

During his confessional, Kody admitted that having animals as pets brought a lot of responsibility. He complained that getting another dog would become an “inconvenience” and the dog hair would be a problem for his health.

Did Robyn try to guilt Kody into getting the girls a dog?

Kody’s only legal wife, Robyn, chimed in an attempt to guilt him into getting the girls a dog.

She told Kody, “Why don’t you just say ‘never mind you can’t have your birthday wish?’ How about you say that?”

In one of the first seasons of Sister Wives, viewers saw Kody bury the family dog with his wife Meri and their daughter Mariah. During a recent episode, he got so emotional over the subject that it brought him to tears on camera.

Fans saw both sides of the argument

Some fans feel that despite Kody’s questionable behavior in other areas, his choice to not bring another dog into the family may have been a reasonable one given how miserable allergies can be.

Others suggested a hypo-allergenic dog would alleviate his health issues and make Robyn’s daughters happy, which would be a win-win situation.

With all of the other drama in the Brown family these days, it seems that the decision of whether or not to get a dog is the least of their worries.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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