Extreme Love exclusive: Dr. David asks Veronica if she wants a ‘Wonder Woman’ makeover

Veronica and Dr. David on Extreme Love.
Veronica and Dr. David met in an unconventional way. Pic credit: WEtv

Extreme Love is back with an all-new episode. The show has taken WEtv viewers by storm since debuting last year.

Tomorrow’s episode is the season finale. Extreme Love focuses on odd couples who are in love and fetishes that are explored among other couples or individuals.

Extreme Love Wonder Woman makeover

In the exclusive clip from tomorrow’s season finale of Extreme Love, viewers meet a couple who take their appearances very seriously. Veronica and David are shown in swimsuits looking fit.

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They met when Veronica went in for a vaginoplasty following the birth of her daughter. David is a leading plastic surgeon and was the doctor she went to for her procedure.

That was the beginning of Veronica’s transformation into what she looks like now.

Dr. David asked Veronica if she would be interested in a Wonder Woman makeover, and from there, things took off. The work she has had done includes the vaginoplasty, liposuction, and even a Brazillian butt lift.

Following the initial consult, David and Veronica married 10 months later. He says their encounter was love at first sight between the two, but she doesn’t buy that.

Veronica reveals that he is so critical, and she looked “chunky” during their initial meeting.

Veronica jokes that he was molding his future wife when he asked her about the Wonder Woman makeover. The two are both looking incredibly fit and happy following their chance encounter.

Dr. David took a chance, and Veronica accepted his suggestions and, eventually, his hand in marriage.

Veronica and Dr. David on Extreme Love.
Veronica and Dr. David met in an unconventional way. Pic credit: WEtv

Previous Extreme Love stories

While the season may be ending, there were no shortages of Extreme Love couples this time around. Some viewers may have even seen more than they bargained for when tuning in.

There was a feature about a queen kitty who runs a chateau in Denver, Colorado. It houses several women who roleplay as cats in sexy lingerie. They were gearing up for their big party, and that included lots of sex.

A couple who are first cousins were featured on an episode of Extreme Love. They were already married but were trying to convince a family member to accept their decision to have children with their genetic testing in hand.

One outrageous story featured a German lady named Michele. She was obsessed with Boeing 737 airplanes and even believed she was in a relationship with one. Michele had parts she slept with and visited her plane in the hangar.

Extreme Love airs Friday nights at 10/9c on WEtv.

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