Extreme Love exclusive: A chateau in Denver is home to sexy kittens who roleplay

Odjit is one of the kittens on Extreme Love.
Odjit is Isibella’s girlfriend at the kitten chateau. Pic credit: WEtv

Extreme Love is back with a brand new episode this evening, and this time, kitten roleplay is one of the featured stories.

The hit show from WEtv features fetishes and other unconventional relationships that others are experiencing. From roleplay to thruples, and everything in between, Extreme Love has viewers tuning in each week to see if anything can top the past week.

Kitten roleplay

In the exclusive clip from Extreme Love, viewers get an eyeful of an all-female kitten roleplay group. Isibella is the leader and runs the chateau where all of the women gather. They are gearing up for their party, and Odjit is uneasy about her girlfriend.

The chateau is based in Denver, Colorado, and the kittens are all getting ready for their mid-summer celebration. Each of the women dresses in sexy kitten attire and answer with meows.

Isibella is the queen cat of the chateau and will have her pick of who she will want to have sex with during the elaborate party. She designated the chateau for women who were lost and found themselves with the kitten roleplaying.

According to Isibella, the roleplaying kitten scene is fairly new as far as fetishes go. Vee, who is also a resident at the chateau, revealed that many people who see them assume they are always having sex. That is not the case, but it does play a huge role in the lifestyle.

They are a lot like a sorority, female-ran, and female-based. Acting childish while being an adult is a perk. The kittens feel like they belong in this group, and it is often referred to as a family.

Odjit is one of the kittens on Extreme Love.
Odjit is Isibella’s girlfriend at the kitten chateau. Pic credit: WEtv

Other Extreme Love couples

Each week, Extreme Love debuts several versions of couples and fetishes. Viewers have seen a lot this season alone.

Michele was one that stuck out with her love for Boeing-737 planes. She considered herself in a relationship with one in particular and even slept with parts of it in her bed.

There were first cousins who were married and looking to start a family. They shared their story about trying to appeal to their family in hopes they would accept them having a child.

All of the stories are unique, but some are more extreme than others. Viewers get to peek into the lives of others while watching and judging their choices from the comforts of their own home.

Extreme Love airs Friday nights at 10/9c on WEtv.

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