Extreme Love exclusive: Furries get frisky while in their suits

Extreme Love is back with an all-new episode tomorrow night. While there will be a few stories featured, the one about the Furries is gaining plenty of attention. A couple who lives their lives as Furries will be featured on Extreme Love. They will explain what life is like for them and how they have


Extreme Love exclusive: A chateau in Denver is home to sexy kittens who roleplay

Extreme Love is back with a brand new episode this evening, and this time, kitten roleplay is one of the featured stories. The hit show from WEtv features fetishes and other unconventional relationships that others are experiencing. From roleplay to thruples, and everything in between, Extreme Love has viewers tuning in each week to see


Extreme Love exclusive: Chloe and Andrea share their feeder and feedee relationship

Extreme Love is back with a brand new episode. This time, the story combines same-sex relationships with fetishes. This is the second season of Extreme Love, and following Life After Lockup on WEtv has appeared to work out well. Andrea and Chloe are the feeder and feedee couple on Extreme Love In this week’s exclusive


Meet thruple Ken, Bella, and Dan in this exclusive Extreme Love clip

Extreme Love is back with a brand new episode, and one of the stories features a thruple. Bella, Dan, and Ken are the ones featured in the clip for tomorrow night’s show. Bella and Ken were married and monogamous before attending a party a few years ago. They have children and lived a “normal” life.


First cousins are in love and want a family in this exclusive Extreme Love clip

Extreme Love is back with a brand new episode. This week’s show features first cousins who are not only in love, but they are also married. Michael and Angela grew up together. Her father and his mother are brother and sister, making them first cousins. The two talk about their relationship and growing up being


Autumn shares her giant feet in this Extreme Love exclusive clip

Extreme Love is back with another episode filled with weird fetishes and tales of forbidden love. This week’s episode features a lady who dubs herself as a giantess actress and a foot fetish model. Autumn reveals that she answered an ad for an actress with big feet. There was nothing to lose, so she responded.

Extreme Love exclusive clip: Daley and Logan are vampires and in love

Extreme Love is garnering a lot of attention following Love After Lockup on WEtv in the Friday night lineup. Each episode focuses on different loves and tonight’s episode is going to focus on a vampire couple. Logan and Daley have been reigning king and queen of the Austin chapter of the vampire society for six

Extreme Love brings bizarre fetishes and more to WEtv

Extreme Love is the latest show to catch the attention of viewers on the WEtv network. This week, the show will debut the first episode of the eight-part docuseries and viewers are in for a shocking treat. The show is going to be introducing viewers to very different love stories. Some of the tales may