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Autumn shares her giant feet in this Extreme Love exclusive clip

Extreme Love is back with another episode filled with weird fetishes and tales of forbidden love. This week’s episode features a lady who dubs herself as a giantess actress and a foot fetish model.

Autumn reveals that she answered an ad for an actress with big feet. There was nothing to lose, so she responded. That moment was the beginning of the career she currently has, which is showing off her feet to people who have foot fetishes.

At 5’9, Autumn wears a size 12 shoe. She keeps her feet in pristine condition and polishes her toes. From photos to foot worshipping, Autumn is a part of it all.

Autumn the Giantess model from Extreme Love.
Autumn’s big feet are a hot commodity. Pic credit: WEtv

In the exclusive Extreme Love clip, Autumn reveals how she got started with her career. From answering that ad to being unsure about her big feet growing up, viewers will get an inside look at what she does and her story.

Not only are photos of her feet desired, but clients will request videos or photos of her giant feet stomping out little figures. Some of that will play out in the Extreme Love segment. Autumn has embraced her feet, and currently, is still using them to her advantage in the work department.

Giantess Autumn can be found on social media. She shares photos on both Instagram and Twitter though the latter has fewer followers. Using the name Giantess Goddess Autumn is something she has embraced.

Tomorrow night’s episode of Extreme Love will showcase Autumn and put the world of giant foot fetishes into the spotlight. While it may not be conventional, finding this job was a fluke for her.

After being insecure about her big feet growing up, Autumn got the last laugh as she continues to make money because of her giant feet.

Extreme Love airs Friday nights at 10/9c on WEtv.

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